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July 30, 2019

Expo on the 7th: Geometric Shapes by Saskia Freeke


We’ve got a brand new exhibition on our 7th and 8th floor. This time artist Saskia Freeke blurs the lines between art and tech with her ‘Geometric Shapes’.

Saskia: “I create patterns, shapes and animations by writing code. In January 2015, I started making a digital artwork every single day. The artworks you see here in this exhibition are a selection from the 1600+ daily artworks I’ve created since.”

“By writing code I create frameworks to play with each day. These ‘frameworks’ consist of logic that I write and which I use to create my own rules. These rules, then, determine the structures of colors and shapes forming patterns through a process of randomization, constrained by my own design before drawn to canvas.”

“As an artist I find it very interesting to work with technology and machines, both physically as digitally. For my interactive installations I look at how people interact with technology and try to translate that to playful experiences. This July I organised the first live-coding event in Doka with Klasien van de Zandschulp, Sabrina Verhage and Creative Coding Amsterdam. During this night artists gave presentations on live coding and what tools they use to perform. You can see the code being written live in front of your eyes. This makes the code a lot more tangible.”

“It’s interesting to see how the digital domain is becoming evermore apparent in the world of art. You see more digital art in museums and galleries. With our daily lives so saturated with technology, it’s nice to see people are appreciative of the creative perspectives of these technologies, too.”

See more of Saskia’s work on

See ‘Geometric Shapes’ in the hallway of our 7th floor and in the stairway to the 8th floor, from 1 August to the end of October.

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