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March 13, 2018

The 7 key records of: Aurelius


Due to Canvas being located on our 7th floor, we ask DJs who are on our bill about their seven all time favourite records in ‘The 7 key records of’.

Local Aurelius – real name Jannis Jansen – is up for this first instalment, sharing his seven key records. He is hosting his show on Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio and has his own residence night called ‘House of Aurelius’. With these 7 records Aurelius shares his love for classic house music: delightful basslines, 90s drum loops and analog synthesizers.

B from E – Let’s Play
This one was in Central’s Dekmantel Podcast. It was the most beautiful search for a track that I ever had. This was together with Hani Ratjapar. After hours of non-stop searching for the ID and the digital version, we finally managed to get our hands on it.

Jovonn – Wait A Minute, Stop
Very good warm-up record. Amazing vocal improvised by Jovonn himself.

Kerri Chandler – Remember This
There’s also a search-and-find story behind this one. The story is somewhere up there on my Facebook I think. This is THE track that I have listened to the most in my life ever. Also because it’s my ringtone.

DJ Maurizio Verbeni – Jazz Voice (New York Remix)
Stunning piano and voice. On one of my all-time favourite labels MBG.

Groove Asylum – Feels Good
This one time I got a Stricly Rhythm record from my brother Luigi. This one was on there. A track that makes people on the crowd instantly happy. Starts with a vocal that sets the mood right away: ‘Whoow… Yeah’.

Key Tronics Ensemble – Calypso Of House (Paradise Version)
Because of the warm dreamy vibe the track has.

Devastating – We All Need (Vocal Mix)
I mostly love the vocal and the bass in this happy track. Unfortunately this mix is not on Youtube.

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