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August 1, 2018

The 7 key records of: KUMA


Due to Canvas being located on our 7th floor, we ask DJs who are on our bill about their seven all time favourite records in ‘The 7 key records of’.

KUMA is a DJ collective that consists of three stubborn DJs based in Amsterdam. Their names? Axel, Thomas and Hylke. Together they explore the depths of dance floor music. In their sets, borders disappear and house, disco, acid, italo, leftfield and world music are seamlessly glued together. These three stellar guys have a weekly night on Mondays at Sugar Factory, found near the Leidseplein nightlife area.

Copeland & Gast – Sisters of Control (Version)
Thomas: One crazy banger! The hysteric build up, the first kicks and then the bass hits you, smacks your ass and orders you to dance!

Tiago Walter & Tom Ries – Hotwing
Axel: Been playing this one everywhere lately. Banging minimal crusty stomper. 10/10 dance floor material.

Bigeneric – Ukrel
Hylke: Spacey stuff by Bigeneric, on sick label childhood intelligence. Very nice to either open or close a night with.

Golden Teacher – No Luscious Life
Thomas: Check out this band. All releases are sick!

Matteo Boyero & Nick Onley – Bathroom Jungle
Axel: Thanks to Thomas I’ve been on quite the dub tip lately. This track has been one of my favourite discoveries. Sexy, deep, tropical -> enough trigger words to get u going.

Junq – Closer
Hylke: There’s too little ACIEED in this list.

Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound – Untitled B1
Thomas: A bit to the left, percussion, dubbed, deep club music. Long time fan of the label.

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