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August 18

Making of: Soap by De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek


In our Volkshotel shop, disguised as two caravans, you can stop by 24/7 to get your quirky local products. Sweet Amsterdam canal perfume, spicy local chili sauce, soothing handmade soaps and much more. Made by Amsterdam creatives, they all have at least 1 ingredient in common: they’re made with love. Let’s take a look behind the doors of De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek (Soap Factory).


De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek is located in the basement of this beautiful building in east Amsterdam. A lot of other creatives have their workspaces here too.


This is Toetsie. She’s the soap chef.


The soap factory with volunteers Kees, Santiago and Gloria in action. It’s small and looks quite a lot like a kitchen. A great mix of people works together to create the best soaps. From retirees to people with troubled backgrounds and friendly neighbours.


Fresh and goowy coconut oil. Organic and honest, like all of their ingredients.


Soap crew member Kees.


Organic essential oils for that sweet smell.


The soap is made in a big pan and heated to mix all of the ingredients nicely together. When the mixture is finished, it gets poured into a mold.


The soap gets covered by many towels to slowly cool it down. This way, all the good stuff stays inside.


After a day or so, the soap gets cut into smaller pieces.


Notes and reminders are written down in the recipe journal for next time.


Working gloves. The soap isn’t PH neutral at first. It has to rest a couple of weeks before it’s ready for skin touchdown.


For a couple of weeks the blocks of soap rest in a funky cabinet. After that they’re good to go and ready for some quality shower time.

De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek
Drop by our shop to have a smell or a take a look at their website for more info.

Volkshotel Shop
Open 24/7. Ask our reception for more info.

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