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May 24, 2016

The start of a creative process


Hiding in our back wing, we’ve got a space filled with over 200 creative minds called Broedplaats VKG. They’ve been here since 2007 and the “Broedplaats” still plays an important role in keeping this building lively. In one of the studios you can find documentary maker Brechtje Boeke (33) who launches a brand new evening in Doka this week, called DUS. Time to find out more about this multidisciplinary event.

You have a studio at Volkshotel’s Broedplaats, can you tell us what it is you do there? 
Most of my hours go into editing. Right now I’m finishing a documentary that investigates the dark side of international voluntary work in an adventurous way. Furthermore I’m brainstorming with the creatives I share my studio with and developing new projects and ideas such as DUS. The studio basically feels like my second home.


This Thursday you launch the first edition of DUS, a new evening at Doka. Where did the idea for DUS come from?
Having a lot of experience with organizing discussion nights, it seemed nice to start something new here when I got a studio in the broedplaats. The connection with Volkshotel was easily made and there is so much talent in the building that deserves a stage. I also want to involve creatives from outside, as we’re all makers. DUS is the result of this idea, the form is related to the theme that we choose and every edition has a different theme.

The first one is The Beginning. Do you already have ideas for the following editions?
Sure! The themes have to be multi interpretable, to keep DUS surprising and to create unexpected combinations of disciplines.
A selection from my thoughts: DUS Gender. DUS Revolt. DUS Typically Dutch. DUS Different. DUS Second changes.

Styn de flippermachine van Sam van Doorn

What are you looking forward to this Thursday?
I’m looking forward to see the diversity of the night and the stratification. All the acts and talks are related to The Beginning, but in a very broad way. So we have musicians, but also writers and someone who helps refugee artists with their beginning in a new country. Hopefully visitors can find new inspiration and take home a different view on human actions.

The first DUS finds place Thursday May 26th at Doka, start 19:30. Tickets are €5 at the door. For more information, check out their Facebookpage.

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