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September 26, 2013

Folk: Tessa Vos


Tessa Vos is a centipede and shimmering ball of positive energy. Tessa was one of the designers in the creative team for Volkshotel.

In the group of nine young designers who have worked on a book full of great ideas and concepts for Volkshotel, Tessa’s role was mainly communication and programming, but she also has been involved in a hundred other interesting things.

Who are you?
Tessa Fox, conceptual designer , I work for myself and share a very nice studio in Amsterdam West with other creative entrepreneurs. I live in IJburg with my husband and two children aged 4 and 2 years.

How old are you ?
As of the 1st August I will b 40!


Where are you from ?
I grew up in Sneek, SouthWest Netherlands, I have briefly lived in France and I studied at the Art Academy in Groningen. I have been living and working in Amsterdam for over 20 years now.

What do you do for a living?
My passion is to make beautiful things, I am constantly looking at shape, quality and authenticity. I design custom made interior concepts for large and small offices. I also took a trip to India for BNN with Katja Schuurman which initiated the establishment of our Foundation, Return to Sender ( . We believe that fair trade is the driving force behind sustainable economic development, helping to reduce poverty in a feasible manner. I am also co – initiator of a concept to create a world that stimulates the senses of young children to encourage them to discover and become who they are.

What is your connection with the building?
My husband, who is a musician, had a studio in the basement. He came home one day with a letter from The Magnificent 8 so say that they were going to turn the old Volkskrant building into a hotel. When I read it I thought, what? that’s crazy! So I sent a mail to Job Heimans (the owner) to find out more and so it began, I became a part of the creative team.

What is your most memorable memory of the Volkskrant building?
When you stand on the 7th  Floor and look over Amsterdam as the sun goes down, it is the most beautiful view, then I imagine how perfect it will be when the hot tubs are up there and Canvas is in full swing.

Who would you like to have a tea and biscuit with?
Aunt Hilda! I hope she’s still alive .

What do you envision for Volkshotel?
A place where many different people are going to find it a nice place to be. For a long time I have wished for a place in the city where you always encounter friends or peers. A place with multiple functions . A place where you feel at home. I think Volkshotel could be that place. A place for me.

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