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March 12, 2019

Christiaan’s tip: Café Gambrinus


Our inside volk loves to give tips on there to go in Amsterdam. This time Amsterdammer Christiaan from Events & Banqueting gives an insider café tip.

Some Amsterdammers say that former working-class quarter De Pijp lost it’s authenticity in the past decade. But if you look closely, you might still find some old hidden gems. Christiaan has got one for you: Café Gambrinus. Free from yuppies and tourists, this café gives you an insight of what De Pijp used to be. Loads of regulars, some writers, artists or other old locals. Christiaan: “It’s a great place to visit any time of the day whether it’s to have coffee and read the paper in the morning or have drinks with friends on Friday night. The food is exceptionally good for a ‘bruin café’ too”. A bruin café translate to brown pub, a typically Dutch local watering hole.

When he was little, Christiaan would come to Café Gambrinus with his father. A coke for him and a beer for his dad. It’s part of one of his oldest memories, which is why this place still means something to him. “It’s not a hip or trendy place so you can really be yourself in there.”

Who is Christiaan?

He’s a staff member of Volkshotel’s events and banqueting team. This hard-working crew makes sure all events run calm and smoothly. Christiaans private hours are less calm: he’s the guitarist for a metal rock band! He joined this band this year but has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old (he’s 22 now). Every Saturday he gets together with his band mates to rehearse and – yes – sometimes he ends up at Café Gambrinus for a nightcap after practice.

Café Gambrinus
Ferdinand Bolstraat 180

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