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April 7

Clement’s tip: Park Frankendael

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Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go in Amsterdam. If it’s a sunny day and you’re looking for a relaxed spot to hang out, Clement’s got just the place for you. “It’s a pretty park to relax or go for a walk when you have some free time. Especially in summertime.”


Park Frankendael got its name from the next door manor Huize Frankendael. This country house, built in 1733, is one of the last country houses of the neighbourhood Watergraafsmeer. There used to be dozens spread out alongside the Middenweg. Shortly after World War II a city garden was built around Frankendael and in 1998 the city garden was transformed into Park Frankendael. A beautiful and romantic park, surrounded by water and a popular destination for Oost neighborhood strollers.


Frankendael has two historic gardens (a style garden and a landscape garden), a large sunny lawn perfect for a picnic and a swamp. Getting hungry? Try out one of the two tasty restaurants that are located in the park. Restaurant Merkelbach -in the old carriage house- or De Kas, situated in a beautiful greenhouse from 1926.

Who’s Clement?


Clement is working as a night cleaner at Volkshotel for about 3 years now. Originally he’s from Ghana, but he’s been living in Almere for about 13 years. Clement likes meeting new people and came to the right place for it. Today he met an Australian man who gave him a high five out of nowhere. It turned out he went to Ghana twice before and they had a nice chat about it. Fun fact: Clement’s other name is Kofi. This means Friday. As in Ghana, people get their names after the day they were born.

Park Frankendael
Middenweg 72
1097 BS Amsterdam
Visit website


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Find more hotspots like this on our Amsterdam Oost map. A local guide to adventure. Illustrated by Broedplaats artist Egidius Bink and available for all of our hotel guests.

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