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October 29, 2018

Daniel’s tip: Bowling alley Knijn


Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This time our reception manager Daniel Diecken gives away where he loves to hang out outside of work: the bowling alley.

Just a 10 minute bike ride away from Volkshotel you’ll find Knijn Bowling, Amsterdams best-known bowling alley. And it’s the place where reception manager Daniel let’s his inner Big Lebowski out at least once a month. Daniel: “I would especially recommend reservering a lane during nighttime in the weekends, when the whole alley resembles a club for disco-bowling. I’m 34 years old now, so that’s pretty much the closest thing to clubbing I experience nowadays. Think: loud cheesy music, flashing disco lights and beer, lots of beer”.

Daniel grew up with bowling, he remembers when he was a young kid in Scheveningen, he would always go to the bowling alley on Friday nights. Now that he lives in Amsterdam, he goes with his group of friends. And it gets pretty competitive. “Once one of my friends got injured while bowling, that’s how committed we can get”. Knijn is a lot more kid-friendly during the day though, so if you’re visiting Amsterdam with children, it’s still a very valid tip. Especially on grey, rainy days.

Who is Daniel?

As our reception & reservations manager, Daniel welcomes a lot of guests here at Volkshotel. You can say he’s your go-to guy when it comes to insider tips. “I really love chatting to people about what to do in Amsterdam, and I’m really grateful that it’s part of my job description”. You can call Daniel one of Volkshotel’s OG’s, since he’s been with us since the opening over 4 years ago. Oh and when he’s not at the hotel, you’ll most likely find him watching football in the Johan Cruijff Arena (another tip by the way!), eating cheese fondue or…you guessed it – at Knijn Bowling.

Knijn Bowling
Scheldeplein 3


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