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January 10, 2017

Diederik’s tip: The Bimhuis


Our inside volk loves to give away tips on where to go in Amsterdam. If you’re a jazz lover, Diederik’s got just the place for you. “I love the open vibe of the place. You can just walk in, sit down and have a chat with someone you don’t know.”

Located in Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, The Bimhuis is the place to visit when you’re a jazz lover. It’s one of the most prominent venues for jazz and improvised music in the world. The Bimhuis supports young talents and offers over 300 concerts every year. Every Tuesday there’s a free workshop and jam session for everyone who wants to join or listen. Diederik: “I used to go a lot, but nowadays I go once every two months. A lot of musicians are really, really good. Also people from the conservatory go there to jam and play.”


The music’s not the only reason to visit. The Bimhuis offers a stunning view over ’t IJ. At night you’ll see the shimmering water, boats and lights. “I love the openness of the building and the view, but also the open vibe. It’s great for meeting new people. And for a date, because it’s fun and quite romantic.” Before arriving you’ll have to put some work in it though. Because the entrance is on top of a small hill. But when you arrive, the dramatic entrance and panoramic view will make you forget the effort straight away.

Who’s Diederik?

Volkshotel Amsterdam hotel

Diederik is a member of Volkshotel’s IT-team. He helps people out and fixes stuff. From colleagues who forgot to put in the plug of their laptops to replacing the network of the whole building. He once had a date at The Bimhuis. It was a success and she became his girlfriend. Besides his work with bits and bytes he climbs, swims and works as a bartender. He likes the social thing about it. Another member of the IT-team also works behind the bar for fun. According to Diederik he might just work in the most social IT-team there is.

The Bimhuis
Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam


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