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January 21, 2019

Maaike’s tip: Duke of Tokyo


Our inside volk loves to give tips on there to go in Amsterdam. This time we’ve asked our lovely Werkplaats barista Maaike what she likes to do after hours: karaoke.

“This karaoke place is so awesome, trust me you have to experience it. Even if you’re not big on singing in public”, says Maaike. The concept is quite unique compared to other legendary karaoke spots in the city. You can rent your own private room with friends at Duke of Tokyo. And order drinks to that room. So it’s guaranteed to become a big chaotic mess of a party. Maaike: “Whenever I go, it’s always a full night out because the front area of the business has a bar where people join to do some drinks beforehand to take the edge of. After your session, you can stay in the bar or walk outside and find many other bars and clubs in the area”. Duke of Tokyo is located on the Reguliersdwarsstraat, famous for it’s gay(friendly) nightlife.

The interior of the karaoke bar is something you have to see as well. They sort of recreated the street of Tokyo inside. Oh and if you’re there, don’t forget to see the toilets. They’re hilarious because they have those technologically-advanced Japanese toilet seats. Very funny – especially after a drink or two. Honestly, this whole place let’s the kid in you out. Shamelessly singing with your friends, what’s not to love

Who is Maaike?

If you’re a regular in our co-working space Werkplaats, you’ve probably seen Maaike around doing what she does best. She’s been one of our best barista’s for over a year now, working behind the bar pretty much daily. When she’s not in Volkshotel, Maaike loves to spend time at her parents workshop, where she designs and makes her own furniture from scratch. Product design gives her so much pleasure, because for her it’s the perfect combination of being creative but also super technical. Oh, and she’s going on a trip to New Zealand and Australia soon. She booked a one way ticket. Secretly we hope she’ll be back sooner than later though!

Duke of Tokyo
Reguliersdwarsstraat 37

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