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May 13, 2019

Maire’s tip: Ton Ton Club West


Our inside volk loves to give tips on there to go in Amsterdam. This time cultural programmer Maire tells you where to have a great first date.

“This place is not your average night out, expect a lot of fun and games. Literally”, says Maire. Ton Ton Club West is a bar and an arcade. “A barcade! The first time I went there was about 2 years ago and I immediately loved it. There is another Ton Ton Club in the Red Light District, but the one in West is my favorite because they have so many old school crazy Japanese games to play. Like Bishi Bashi, my absolute favorite”, she explains.

You get your tokens (and drinks) at the bar and then it’s time to play. “Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive than a regular night out drinking, but it’s such a fun experience. It’s something fun to do when it’s a rainy day too, because it’s indoors”. The weekendscan get busy though, so expect some waiting time between games. “I would recommend going there with a maximum of three friends, so you can play games together. Or… take your first date to Ton Ton Club.If the date ends up being awful, at least you can still have fun!”

Who is Maire?

Ever wondered who’s responsible for Volkshotel’s cultural programming like Short Movie Sunday and the Illustration Market? Well the answer is Maire. Cult and Art are her strong suit, she’s active as a freelancer for several art and music festivals in The Netherlands. And the Amsterdam-born programmer been working (and singing in the corridors) in Volkshotel since 2016. Bad news, by the time you’re reading this, she would have left Volkshotel. But don’t worry: “You’ll still see my face around (the bar) often enough so you can ask me for plenty more Volkstips!”

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