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August 26, 2015

Outsider’s Guide: September Music


BY VINCENT REINDERS – Finding new music is my favourite thing in the world. I can honestly keep myself entertained for 10 hours straight with streaming the next best mix, album, chart, playlist, label catalogue or discography. For Volkshotel, I have condensed these hours into one article of my favourites for this month.

When it comes to live music, I’ve had my fair share of festivals this summer, I’ve been to around 20. My highlights were Best Kept Secret (the location and atmosphere), Dekmantel (the line-up) and of course our own 22fest (the first festival I programmed and co-produced). There won’t be anymore festivals for me for a while; I’m a bit fed up with them. But, I can honestly say this has been my best and most favourite music summer ever. Especially thanks to DJs who played music the audience had never heard of and so good that people were shazaming to remember them forever.

Why wait for ADE?
While every party lover, promoter and venue are looking forward to Amsterdam Dance Event, there’s lots of good stuff happening in September too. I would like to point out one single event on the 19th of September: Het Manifeest (‘feest’ meaning ‘party’). It’s a special night for a good cause.

To kick off the official Dutch ‘Peace Week’, Het Manifeest invites Amsterdam icons to party for peace at special locations like famous cinema Tuschinski and theatre halls Stadsschouwburg and Compagnietheater. Het Manifeest is programmed by our very own night mayor Mirik Milan, who asks writers, artists and musicians to get out of their comfort zone for one night. Entertainment and profundity will come together in theatre plays, dance parties, literary sessions, stand-up comedy and more.

The 19th of September will mark the date of the first ever Manifeest. I’m very curious to see if we can celebrate to the max while being a bit more aware of and grateful for the freedom we have. It’ll be the challenge to switch our mind-set and actively be present to make sure the first edition will be a huge success. See you there?

Vincent’s September favourites:
Radio mix
Hip hop track
House tune
Pop song
◈ Most interesting playlist:

About Vincent
Vincent Reinders (30) is founder and creative director of music discovery platform 22tracks . He is born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in Gein – the multicultural south east of Amsterdam. In his blogs, Vincent cherry-picks club nights, festivals, music releases and music videos. Just like his 22tracks platform online, he will cover the overlooked and underrated instead of the obvious and popular.

Vincent Reinders - Krijn

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