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March 22, 2016

Outsider’s guide: Treasures in East


BY SUZANNE SMULDERS – Somewhat hidden inbetween the big chain stores in shopping mall ‘Oostpoort’, you can find a real gem: Het Faire Oosten (HFO). This is a giant 600m2 multifunctional space with an amazing store, gallery and two work spaces. All of it build around the values of sustainability, craftsmanship and creativity. And oh my, I feel like a kid in a candy store, when I get to snoop around there. From jewellery to furniture, they’ve got it all.


Time to shop
My goal was to find a present for my mom’s birthday. She loves decorating her home with little knickknacks, and I love fairtrade and sustainable things, so I decided to combine the two, so off I went to HFO. Amazed by the size of the store I took my time browsing through the big collection, and found one thing even prettier than the other. With a great mix of small local handcrafted brands  like Loenatix and TimCity and more established names like People Tree and l’Herbe Rouge, there is definitely something to be found for everyone.


There is more to it
Shopping is fun, we can’t deny that, but the cool thing about HFO is that they offer way more. The gallery gives starting artists a stage to present their work. Every 3 months new artist will be selected to be part of the exhibiton.
On the first floor there’s a nice space with different workshops all about health, exercise food and much more. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even give a workshop yourself. or even organize your own.


The woman behind it all
Behind this amazing concept stands Magali Heuberger. A beautiful, open minded woman with an everlasting smile stuck on her face. Driven by fighting the soulless mass stores, she decided to create HFO, a place where people can come together and find real products with a true story. I do think she deserves credit for setting this up!

About Suzanne
Suzanne Smulders (30) recently started LENA the fashion library, a place where you can borrow a great selection of vintage clothing and local designers. For Volkshotel she writes about fashion. Things that are new, things that are different, things that are a must see… and things that just caught her eye.

Suzanne Smulders

Het Faire Oosten
Waldenlaan 208
1093 NH Amsterdam

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