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December 30



Why go to Dam Square, when you have Amsterdam East at your feet? The Eastern district is full of hidden treasures. Get on your bike, cycle around and see what our neighbours have to offer. In need of a fun history lesson? Tropenmuseum is the place to go.

Dutch Colonies
Tropenmuseum is all about showing you Dutch culture and how our former colonies have had a great impact on it. This results in a great collection of exotic objects that you may never have seen before. Apart from showing visitors these objects, tropenmuseum is also all about making you learn by feeling, experiencing, interacting and exploring.


Best Children’s museum
Back in 2012 this is also what gave them the title of best children’s museum in the entire world. At the moment they have a family exhibition about life in Morocco. With workshops and even a simulation of a medina, complete with salesmen, streetfood, carpenters and much more. This is only open in weekends though, so make sure to book a time slot, since it’s very popular amongst Dutch families. 


It’s all in the details
Situated in what used to be Holland’s largest building, you could also go there just to be awed by the architecture. Dating back to 1926, the building was built especially as a museum. And it sure shows, with a beautiful main atrium, three floors filled with their impressive collection and small details worked into the pillars and walls. 


Not in the mood for checking out their main exhibition? Visit one of their temporary exhibitions. Tropenmuseum is good at making relevant and fun exhibitions, teaching you a lot about a more concentrated subject. Check their website to see what they have on show at the moment. 

Linnaeusstraat 2

How to get there from Volkshotel
It’s easiest to walk, as it is right around the corner. Check the route on our homemade “Oost” map, or see it right here.

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