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March 11, 2014

Folks Area: ‘Hartje Oost’


Amsterdam East is a perfect mix of culture and identity. We like to keep you informed of the latest hangouts in the neighbourhood, so here we introduce the farm-fresh, coffee boutique – ‘Hartje Oost’ (heart of East) on the Javastraat.

“When I thought of the Javastraat, I thought of mainly grocery stores,” says co-owner Eline de Boer (26) “but the more I discovered the road, the more excited I became. Esther and I both live in the neighbourhood. We love East, hence the name ‘Hartje Oost’.”

foto 5

Coffee Boutique Hartje Oost is a spacious, light place. In the front, a nice coffee shop and at the back of a store, Danish women’s clothing, Toms shoes, handmade jewellery from Essyello ( made by a filmmaker from things found on the street), bags from ‘Oh My Bag’ and nice soaps.

foto 2

Owners Eline de Boer ( 26 ) and Esther van der Vaart (45 ) don’t care much for age. “People are often surprised about the age difference, but we see it as our strength – we speak for a very broad target group.” Eline explains ” We want to have a place in the neighbourhood where people can shop in a relaxed atmosphere, sit with their laptop, to work or meet up with friends. We will hopefully soon have a license to be able to have wine and furthermore, we are working on plans for a high tea and a takeaway meal of the day.”

foto 1

Eline and Esther know each other from their work at a shoe store. Eline tells us “When my contract was not renewed, we decided to put together their own business. I am very glad it happened that way and I became without work, had it been any different, Hartje Oost would have never happened.”

There it is, march on over to Javastraat!

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