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March 1, 2018

Dancefloor Maintenance: March line-up


Jens, our head of programme talks about how next month’s line-up came together. He is a real house-music nerd. There is something about a 4 by 4 beat, 122 bpm and the warm, rolling house sound that he cannot live without. In this series; ‘Dancefloor maintenance’, we ask him to do a little write-up on how the programme came together and what we can expect for the coming month.

So; What’s up for March?
We kick off with a bit of a dream-team. On the 2nd of March Daan Groeneveld & Thomas Hayat take the stage. These two architects of house music have been making waves for some time now – I know them both from back in the day, when we were attending the same Architecture bachelor at the TU in Delft. Back then I already used to look up to their stories from the booth. Daan had great stories from the TiNK family – a label I’ve been heavily influenced by for a long time. A couple of years later when Thomas Hayat started DJ’ing himself, it wasn’t more than logical that Daan and Thomas teamed up for the b2b formation they are doing currently.  

Saturday the 3rd it’s up to ENKA and myself. ENKA has gotten a bit of a nickname within the Canvas-team, he’s become the ‘cult-hero of Canvas’. He’s a real crowd reader, mixing & mashing songs together, and really trying to find a drive on the dancefloor. Greatly looking forward to be sharing the booth with him for 5 hours. I’ll of course bring my stack of 90’s house.

On the 9th of March we have Roman Coskun and DJ SENC on the bill. I’m really looking forward to this combination. Two people who care an intense amount about house music. DJ SENC with his record shop SEAWOLF RECORDS, the go-to record shop for all of Amsterdam’s house music fanatics. And then there’s Roman Coskun, part of the Late Night Burners family. LNB02, their second EP, will be coming out very soon. I can’t wait to hear it in Canvas. The night after, Pal & Secam are taking over on the 10th. These are two real residents, having played Canvas for several years now –  the blends in genres they are capable of spinning is great. They really shake up the dancefloor constantly with surprising selections.

Heftone & AJ Buitendijk are a duo I had play during Solar ‘17. They are immense groovers, and two of the friendliest guys in the scene. I got to know them during my time in Brabant, and since then these two have been on my list to have over in Canvas. Luckily the 16th they’re up to the task. With their mix between 90’s house, recent releases, from unknown to the known, hits, hi-hats and the like, they embody what makes a dancefloor move.

She’s back babbbbyyyyyyy – Alison Swing (US/Ger). The LA house music legend, with her Digs Deeper parties and more recently a residency at Wilde Renate in Berlin, has really made a name in the European scene since she moved here somewhere last year. She’s joined by Paula Tape, the Chilean selector who’s roaring through Europe at the moment. We luckily found a spot for her during this night.

The 23rd not one, but two residents share the booth. This really is a Canvas night as it’s meant to be. Aurelius takes the warm, rolling & 90’s approach to a dancefloor, where Joel Hemmen dares to deliver a punch every now and then with crazy recent releases mixed with the 90’s vibes. These two combined are the full Canvas package.

The day after we have a bit of an experiment over from Istanbul. I met with Lez MC Can a few months ago – and he told me about the illegal events he hosted in Istanbul under the name They Sleep We Grind, and how these events have sparked the passion for soulful dance music in that city. If he can bring only a part of this passion with him for their event on the 24th, we’re bound to have an epic evening.

Another new group of dance music fanatics is Tambourine. The 30th of March they take the more local approach, where the selection is more important than the big names. With a clearly defined vision on the dancefloor. It’s passion, connecting & bonding on a common ground: with good music, you dance, dance, dance. From what I can understand, they have quite a special act coming in from Switzerland. Exciting!

On the last day of March it’s up to the golden boys from L’Atelier. They always amaze with their high-energy, thumping sounds. They power through the sets with huge energy, something that Kurley surely can tap into. If we take a look at his newest ‘Feelings EP’ – it’s sure these two acts are going to tear the roof off Canvas.

That about sums up the coming month for Canvas, it’s a month with only solid evenings filled to the brim with pure, grooving, pumping and swinging music.

As I’m writing this, I’m currently looking out over Amsterdam from Canvas from the 7th floor. And while it doesn’t have anything to do with our programme, I simply wanted to share a track with you.

I had a nice small moment of happiness while looking out over Amsterdam and listening to this. A track that I believe really embodies the pulse of the city, something I try to tap into with the programme that I put together for Canvas. So grab some good headphones, and have a look out the window, and truly listen to: MFO – Anti Social Plan (Dekmantel, 2014). As always;

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Jens Rasmussen

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