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July 10, 2017

San Proper: From funky festivals to basement breeding


He’s been doing gigs since ’93 and has become an eccentric fixture in the Amsterdam electronic music scene. And at Volkshotel. Because besides being a musician, producer and dj, San Proper is just a really nice guy. His studio is located in the basement of Broedplaats, in the back wing of Volkshotel. This is San. About summer gigs, connecting people and solid concrete walls.

What does a summer for San Proper looks like? You must be very busy.
“I’ve got some things here and there. Of course I’m busy with gigs and playing abroad. But during weekdays I try to balance this with as much studiotime here at Volkshotel as possible. And it’s not as hectic as one might think. I’ve been combining the glory of studio work and performing for quite some time now. I’m working on a bunch of collaborations and a new live show.”

Any summer highlights you’re looking forward to?
“Well, I lost my phone so I’m not sure what’s in the pipeline. But like the previous years I’m looking forward to playing again for Dekmantel. And even though the entire line-up at both Dekmantel Festival as well as Dekmantel Selectors is amazing, I’m sure to be indulged while I just wander about. But definitely seeing Antal, Hunee and those guys play. I’ve been working for that crew since I’ve met them.”


If you weren’t a DJ and had loads of spare time in summer. What would you do?
“I wouldn’t go on a holiday or something like that. That doesn’t do it for me. I’m a passionate musician. So I’d make music all the time and try to hang out with family and friends as much as possible. For I miss them in this life I’m living.”

So, your studio is located in the basement of Broedplaats. How did that happen?
“I got framed by Tom Trago when Volkshotel didn’t existed yet. The newspaper had already moved out and it was completely taken over by artists and creative people. Tom had his studio on the 5th floor and asked me over. I was enchanted by the vibe of this old newspaper barn. I don’t know why. When plans were made to create Volkshotel, I temporarily moved all of my gear to club Trouw across the street. They let me hang out there for six months. When the Broedplaats renovation was done, I was lucky and got a studio in the basement.”


You’re a familiar face for many people at Volkshotel. What else do you do around here?
“I try to keep everyone connected at Broedplaats. I knock on people’s doors to say: “Hey, what do you do?” To see if we can team up into making something new. Because that’s what making music is all about. And I’d like to see more of that. More people connecting. All of this artwork on the walls, I put it there. And I keep inviting other people to hang stuff on the walls as well. It wasn’t easy to get those nails in you know. That’s solid concrete!”


What is it you like so much about having a studio here?
“Like I said, it’s about connecting people. Boris Werner, Juju & Jordash, Melon, Tom Ruijg, Darling, Maxi Mill, Overlast, Victor Sams, Tom Trago and all of them are here. Everyone’s borrowing stuff from each other and we help each other out a lot. We learn and reflect. You know when Darling, Tom Ruijg and Jordash need a break from their studio sessions, they go upstairs and do some ping pong at the Houten Zaal. To get that inspiration flowing. And that’s exactly what we do here. We ping pong. That’s what making music is all about. It’s beautiful. In this Broedplaats (literally: breeding ground) no chickens are being hatched. But we’re working pretty hard yo. To keep breeding and breathing.”

San Proper
Check out his Facebook page & listen to his music on Soundcloud.

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