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September 7, 2016

Top 5 R&B tracks by Smoothies


The hottest and sometimes sleazy R&B, but with a serious twist to it; Florian Rath (26), co-founder of Smoothies, can tell you all about it. Together with his compagnon Jean-Jacques, he started the Smoothies playlist two years ago, with the aim to create a seriously good R&B playlist. Now they’re celebrating their two year anniversary in Doka with R&B karaoke, cocktails and bedroom music vibes. Time to hear his five favorite tracks, so you can play them at home. Loud.

Smoothies, quite a smooth name for a playlist. How did you guys came up with the idea? 
“Jean-Jacques and I met a couple of times when going out. We realized we share a love for sweet and juicy R&B, hip hop, old soul and jazz. We became friends and musical soul mates, and it started from there.”

Any idea why you like these (sometimes cheesy) songs so much? 
“It is just a part of me. Every time I hear those records, it feels like someone lights a fire inside me. Music has a big influence on my mental condition in general and I honestly feel touched by some songs we play. Sweet R&B has a stigma around it – people laugh about it, like it is a sarcastic pleasure – but we are bloody serious about it. It is pure joy, whether I can understand the lyrics or not, as it has an intense feel to it. For others rock music is unbeatable, for me it is this R&B and soul sound.”

On Saturday September 24th, you’re creating a Smoothies night at Doka. Including cocktails, R&B karaoke and your favorite songs. What is your personal top 5, so people can prepare? 
“Basically our Doka night is an extension of our online platform. We want to create the ultimate R&b hang out, like you’re listening to music in your living room. As an introduction we’ve chosen five of our favorites that you might also hear at Doka. Listen at your own risk!”

#1 Barry White – Baby Blues

#2 Horace Brown – Taste Your Love

#3 Mtume – Juicy Fruit

#4 Passion – Midnight Lovers

#5 Usher – Seduction

Smoothies 2 Year Anniversary takes place at Doka (basement of Volkshotel) on Saturday September 24th. Doors open at 23.00, entrance is €5. 

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