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January 25, 2016

Vinyl Market ft. Michiel Vinyl


Over the past few years vinyl has made quite the comeback. We love the trend and embrace it by hosting a Sunday afternoon vinyl market on Sunday February 7th. Expect stalls with friendly collectors, labels and vinyl shops selling their best selection of quality music and of course they’ll be accompanied by strictly vinyl dj sets, cold beers and hangover snacks.

It’s quite impressive that a plastic vinyl disc with grooves in it can provide all kinds of music just with the touch of a needle. For many it will always feel like magic, but nontheless it doesn’t stop us from digging and collecting those round, grooved and artistic discs.

Michiel Vinyl
Let us introduce one of our stall occupants: Michiel Koolen. This guy has his own vinyl shop named Michiel Vinyl, on the Marnixstraat.  Here he serves pure cozyness, records and good coffee. Every week he will have a new stack off affordable records and occasionally musicians take over the place and give intimate concerts. We asked him some quick questions about his love for vinyl:

Why do you collect vinyl?
“For the same reason a heroin junkie needs his or her daily shot.”

How did your fascination for vinyl start?
It started way too late. I grew up with cd’s and tapes. Through friends I discovered the beauty of vinyl. After which I found out my parents had a big collection in the attic all that time.”


// 5 Quickies
Favourite record?
Santa Esmeralda, Don’t let me be misunderstood
Best artist on vinyl?
King Shiloh
Most beautiful cover?
Mud Rock, Vol. 2 (Album cover remake plans for this one. Already have a 50 year old wurlitzer in store. As soon as I get a vintage pinball machine, some friends and me will do a close as possible remake)
First record ever?
Bruce Springsteen – The River
Record you still really want to get your hands on?
Homegrown Syndrome – Confrontation

Skærmbillede 2016-01-22 kl. 10.42.34

What kind of music will you bring to Werkplaats’ Good Music Vinyl Market?
All second-hand: a case of rock/soul/pop classics for 3 euros, a case of Folk 3-12 euros, 60’s/70’s rock 3-12 euros, 80’s & new wave 3-12 euros, a case of soul/disco/funk 3 euros, a case of jazz 3-15 euros. A case of techno/trance1/2/3 euro. On top, a case of reggae 3-15 euros with some new reaggae/dub albums 20 euros.”

◈ Sunday 7 February // 13:00-20:00
◈ Burger // beers // music
◈ Stalls with all the vinyl you ever dreamed of
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