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December 2, 2015

Portrait 1/300: Eustace Architecture


Hiding in our back wing we have a space filled with over 200 creative minds, all together forming a creative workspace called “Broedplaats VKG”. They’ve been here since 2007 – long before Volkshotel even excisted. Over the years, things have changed, but the “Broedplaats” still plays an important role in keeping this building lively, local and creative. We had a chat with one of the tenants: Jasper Eustace, a born and raised Amsterdam architect and the co-designer of our special room Edmund.

So tell us, how did it all start and where are you planning to go?
I really started getting into architecture while I was still in high school. The buildings around me, my school and generally the architecture in Amsterdam inspired me so much that I decided to study architecture at TUDelft. The study brought me to Spain, where things really got going for me. I set up my own little architectural firm, building small houses and setting up projects in and around Girona.

5 years ago, I came back to Holland working as a freelancer, designing private residents. But my dream and plans for the coming years are to turn my 1 man business into a bigger architecture company.


What can you tell us about your style?
This is a difficult question, because I think my style is hard to describe. I always try to understand the context of a new project. With this knowledge I then try to make a design that fits elegantly into its surroundings. I always bring a small sketchbook with me because I get very inspired when drawing. The work of Carlo Scarpa, an Italian architect, also really inspires me, he makes very sensitive designs that fit beautifully into their setting. What I can say about my style is that I am very interested in technology and always try to add something innovative into my projects. 

You have been in this building for quite some time, how is it to work in a “Broedplaats”?
I find it very inspiring. Apart from the fact that it is a good place to network with people from all different kinds creative backgrounds, I also gained some very good friendships. We often eat lunch with the people in the neighbouring studios; they all have different jobs and I really like getting to hear their stories. Our door is always open for people to walk in, have a coffee or just a little chat, anyone is welcome! 


I must say that we had to get used to the fact that a hotel was moving into our “Volkskrantgebouw”, where we had been working for years. But as we got to know more about the project and learned that not a lot would change, we were less worried. There have also been some really good additions to this building, after Volkshotel joined us. For a start, they serve really good coffee at Werkplaats and we get unique chances to work together with the hotel and show of our work.

Jasper Eustace (1977)
Studio 0.73, Broedplaats VKG
Graduated as Architect in 2006 at TUDelft
Recent Projects :
◈ Casa Madera
◈ “28 Houses” at Amsterdam Light Festival
Edmund (Special Room, Volkshotel)
“Homerus Kwartier” apartments, Almere
Vanderbilt House, Suffolk County, NY


© Portraits, studio interior images & video by: Joao MB Costa
Find more of his work on vimeo : Joao MB Costa

Interview & article by: Merel Løkke Rasmussen

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