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August 14, 2018

Book by it’s cover: Ilma & Lainey


Every day travelers and locals mix and mingle in our cafe and community working space Werkplaats. Under the guise of an experiment, we asked two of them some questions. How much can two people who have never met tell, just by looking at the other?

 Ilma about Lainey

  1. Childhood dream job: Singer / Dancer. I see her standing in front of a mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone.
  2. Profession: I see creativity in her eyes. Looking closer I can see she has a great sense of fashion, so I assume she works in that industry. Fantastic shoes and a gigantic ring.
  3. Hobby: As I said before, she likes to sing.
  4. Favourite colour: Yellow, this may sound too obvious because of the yellow shirt she is wearing. It looks great on her. 
  5. Dislikes: Violence and misunderstanding about people in general.
  6. Likes: She looks like she’s a social person: meeting friends, enjoying life.
  7. What brings her to Volkshotel: I’m not sure if she’s a local or tourist. I think she looks like a local. She blends very well with the people who come to Volkshotel. So she’s probably here having drinks with friends.

Lainey about Ilma

  1. Childhood dream job: Maybe a veterinarian. Something with animals, she looks like a caring person.
  2. Profession: I think she looks like she’s self employed. A lady boss. If she’s not her own boss, she might be high up in a big company. Maybe she’s connected to youth work. It could also be architecture.
  3. Hobby: Riding a motorbike. Like a powerwoman. Pow! She might like swimming as well. Still have an animal vibe though. And live music. Going to rock concerts. She looks like an ex-rock chick. I also thinks she likes the great outdoors.
  4. Favourite music artist: I definitely go for the rocky vibes. Thinking maybe Led Zeppelin type of thing. Or it might be a specifically Dutch artist which I do not know of. Super random, but: folk or country type of music.
  5. Dislikes: Rude people. Injustice. Rushing. She looks pretty chilled, like she enjoys a nice pace in life.
  6. Likes: Being active, maybe she likes to do sports. People with good energy.
  7. What brings her to Volkshotel: Today is Friday right? Maybe she came here to freelance. To work away from home. Have a cup of coffee.

The real Lainey Richardson

Back in the days Lainey saw herself becoming a film director. She dreamt big; European arthouse movies. Not your typical Hollywood-glam-girl though, she focuses on the impact she could have on people and how to reach them. In a way she makes her dreams come true: nowadays she works as a filmmaker and video-editor. Originally she’s from London. She likes meditation, yoga, singing in a choir and loves to make her own scented candles. Lainey is allergic for narrow minded and negative people. She does love the sunshine, just not the British sunshine though. Being a world traveller, she ended up in Volkshotel for the second time, last year she visited with her mom and sister. Welcome back Lainey!

The real Ilma Praamsma

Ilma is a well-known face of Volkshotel. Every Friday, you can find her and Binky the dog in the lobby of Volkshotel. She’s one of our masseuses of Volkshotel. Most of the time she dances in and outside of the hotel when she’s not giving massages to people. Spreading positive vibes. Neck ache, backache, headache, heartache? Ilma will make sure to fix all of those problems. Being good at what she does now, this wasn’t her childhood dream job. She dreamt of becoming one of the Charlie’s Angels. Later she decided that becoming a private detective would be her new goal in life. After a while she changed her mind and is now more focused on contributing to other people’s health. Ilma is a big fan of ecstatic dance and loves the colour of turquoise, especially the colour of the Albert Heijn (a Dutch supermarket chain). She’s allergic to suppression and negative people. Interested in a massage? Ilma is here every Friday!

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