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April 17

Book by its cover: Janneke & Oda


Every day travellers and locals mix and mingle in our café and community working space Werkplaats. Under the guise of an experiment, we asked two of them some questions. How much can two people who have never met tell, just by looking at the other?

Janneke about Oda

Book-by-its-cover-Q2-2017-2 (1)

Childhood dream job:

He’s into music, but not a musician himself.

Going out, hanging around with friends and shopping

Favourite color:

Favourite music:
Rap and hip hop, but I think he likes festivals and DJ’s too.

Vegan food


What brings him to Volkshotel?
He works here, because he’s got a Volkshotel card hanging around his neck. But I don’t know what he does or where he works in the building.

Oda about Janneke

Book-by-its-cover-Q2-2017 (1)

Childhood dream job:

Freelance film producer

Yoga and having a healthy lifestyle

Favourite color:

Favourite music:
Something like Ed Sheeran, but less popular.

Mess, chaos and men that don’t know what they want in life.

Sports, healthy food, clothing.

What brings her to Volkshotel?
She’s working here on a freelance assignment.


The real Janneke
Janneke is a communications specialist and the mother of 15 months old Anne Christine. She wanted to become an interior designer when she was young, but does that as a hobby now together with yoga, cooking and eating. Her favourite colour is black. Many different types of music make her smile, like The Beatles, Drake, Broederliefde and classical music. Janneke doesn’t like fake news or people that just post stuff on social media that might hurt other people. She does like social media though. Because it helps people to feel less lonely.

The real Oda
Oda is 28 years old and wanted to become a soccer player or astronaut as a kid. Instead, he decided to work at Volkshotel in the events team. Normally he works at the office, but today he’s working at Werkplaats for a change. His favourite artist of all time is Michael Jackson. When he was younger he could do a “pretty darn good impression” of Michael Jackson’s moves. Furthermore Oda loves music, his friends, ‘jonko’ and new shoes. Oda dislikes the cold and really hates mice. A lot.

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