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February 1, 2019

Book by it’s Cover – Jessica and Vera


Every day travellers and locals mix and mingle in our cafe and community working space Werkplaats. Under the guise of an experiment, we asked two of them some questions. How much can two people who have never met tell, just by looking at the other?

Jessica about Vera:

    1. Childhood dream job: Veterinarian or dentist.  
    2. Profession: Studies Psychology and works in the creative industry as a producer on the side.
    3. Hobby: Horseback riding and does sports twice a week with her friends. Maybe something like softball or another teamsport.
    4. Favourite colour: Earthtones beige, brown.
    5. Favourite music: She enjoys listening to local singer-songwriters and in the summer she listens to festival music.
    6. Dislikes: Superficial people.
    7. Likes: Spending time with her family and going out for beers with her friends.
    8. What brings her to Volkshotel: She likes coming here to study in a creative environment.


The real Vera:

Vera is very close to making her childhood dream come true: becoming a midwife. Ever since she was little she was fascinated by big bellies and the miracle of childbirth. But getting into midwifery was not easy. She was rejected for the study twice (“I was very young when I applied and I couldn’t get through the motivation interview”). But now, after she got her Math degree, she tried again and was accepted. When she’s not studying Vera loves to make music, she plays the violin, guitar and piano. And she enjoys playing squash with friends. Vera is a huge Stevie Wonder fan, his music makes her feel so happy and positive, just like having spontaneous conversations with strangers and meeting new people. Her favorite color at the moment is yellow ochre. At the moment, her biggest dislikes are negative people and plastic packaging. “I try to buy as little plastic as I can. I hope more people will become aware of their use of plastic.”


Vera about Jessica:

  1. Childhood dream job: Actor or dancer. Something where she can perform in front of an audience.
  2. Profession: I think she is some sort of social worker or studies pedagogy. Maybe she helps families who are experiencing troubles.
  3. Hobby: Cooking and dancing.
  4. Favourite colour: Red.
  5. Favourite music: I think she has the same taste in music as myself. Soul and R&B.
  6. Dislikes:  I don’t think she’s easily annoyed by anything, but she really dislikes injustice.
  7. Likes: being out and about. Whether it’s with going out with friends, going to the the theater or to the cinema. As long as she’s outside.
  8. What brings her to Volkshotel: I think she just had an intake meeting here for work this morning and stuck around for the cool vibe.


The real Jessica:

When she was a little girl, Jessica wanted to become a gymnast or figure skater especially because they wear pretty pink suits. From 10 years onwards she wanted to have a job where she could help people. Inspired by Margaret Thatcher, her new goal was to become a lawyer. To fight for justice. At the age of 15 she became a model, which blurred her dreams of becoming a lawyer, but not her urge to help others. So she started a company called Model for Models. With the aim to empower vulnerable young women to love themselves unconditionally. In her spare time she likes to read while walking, like they do in Paris. Or listening to soul and jazz music. With her guilty pleasure, Ariana Grande, in the mix sometimes. Jessica’s favourite colour is green. If you want to make this happy-go-lucky girl mad you have to smack and slurp while eating. Jessica recently gave her own TedTalk about her company. She’s usually in Volkshotel about three times a week to, read, work, drink or lunch.

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