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July 2, 2019

Book by its Cover – Wouter & Lara


Every day travelers and locals mix and mingle in our cafe and community working space Werkplaats. Under the guise of an experiment, we asked two of them some questions. How much can two people who have never met tell, just by looking at the other?

Wouter about Lara

  1. Childhood dream job: When she was really young, I think she wanted to be ballet dancer and after that, a doctor. Maybe because one of her parents is a doctor too.
  2. Profession: She either made her childhood dream come true and became a doctor or she’s a teacher now.
  3. Hobby: Reading and hanging out with her girlfriends.
  4. Favorite colour: Blue. She’s wearing a blue shirt right now and I think she kind of wants to make a statement, that’s she’s not a girly girl.
  5. Favorite music: Maybe Jack Johnson and similar artists. She also enjoys listening to ballads and symphonies.  
  6. Dislikes: People who act like they are super important. And hipsters.
  7. Likes: When she has time off work she enjoys going to museums and getting lost in there.
  8. What’s his/her favorite (birthday)cake: One of those really big, super pretty birthday cakes with everything on them. Not because she likes the taste of them so much, but she thinks birthdays are something to celebrate big.
  9. What brings her to Volkshotel: She’s here to meet a colleague, a fellow doctor or teacher. She lives nearby and enjoys meeting some place besides at home.

The real Lara

This was the first time Lara visit Volkshotel because her appointment introduced her to this places. At the age of 10 she loved to work in a hotel. Working in a bar or restaurant was something she thought she would do for the rest of her life. Five years later things have changed. Studying to become a lawyer was more her thing. After one year, she made up her mind and started a management traineeship. She’s still making progress, but is open minded to change again. Law is something that’s still circling around in the back of her head. In her spare time she loves to play field hockey or playing violin. Hopefully she’ll join an orchestra one day. Classical music is not her only passion. With Lara you can go all the way when it comes to music, but she has a slightly preference for Latin American. On her birthday she will order a Chipolata cake to celebrate. She’s her in Volkshotel for a meeting for content creation for a project she’s working on.

Lara about Wouter

  1. Childhood dream job: inventor or an artist
  2. Profession: Studied psychology or art school. I think he did something in the creative industry.
  3. Hobby: Music / playing guitar
  4. Favorite colour: Burgundy, because he loves to drink red wine
  5. Favorite music: acoustic, upcoming bands. I think he loves to go to festivals like Down the Rabbit hole.
  6. Dislikes: When people pretending to know everything but in reality they don’t know nothing about the subject. Or Trump.
  7. Likes: He loves to cook. Especially to make a romantic dinner for his girlfriend. Be the man that uses one candle to make it romantic.
  8. What’s his favorite (birthday)cake: Monchou taart, with Bastogne crumble.
  9. What brings him to Volkshotel: He’s having a appointment with someone to create something new. Maybe with a photographer.

The real Wouter:

Growing up, Wouter wanted to become a professional football player. He’s 33 years old now and is – almost – starting to give up on this dream. He studied engineering and spend his free time working in a restaurant. After he got his degree he started his Masters at the Academy of Architecture when he realized engineering wasn’t making him happy. So he thought about what does: working in hospitality and being around people. So he started working in a restaurant full time and is now the co-owner of De Duvel, a cafe-restaurant in De Pijp. In his spare time he enjoys going out to dinner and – there it is again – playing football. He dislikes ignorant people and grey days and to make him happy just bring him some good coffee, wine or food. Or put on a good classic House music tune. On his birthday he prefers blowing out the candles on a strawberry fruit tart and his favorite color is blue. He lives super close to Volkshotel, so he drops by for coffee in Werkplaats before going to work sometimes. 

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