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March 5, 2015

Happy Anniversary Dick Moby!


Hooray! Our Broedplaats duo celebrate the one year Anniversary of their sunglass brand, Dick Moby. After some crowdfunding, perseverance, blood, sweat and beers, these two young creatives are still going strong a year on. This means beers and mayhem in our Werkplaats this coming Saturday.

Dick Moby’s founders Robbert Ernst Wefers Bettink (28) and Tim Holland (32) are guys with a passion for surfing and the energy of puppies. They have a clear vision (excuse our pun) to create high quality sunglasses from plastic waste. They are on a mission and they will succeed. Let us introduce our mischievous Broedplaats renters, party starters and real entrepreneurs… and their pet horse David.

Untitled-1Tell us about Dick Moby?
Tim: “We’re both ‘creators’ with a shared passion for surfing and sailing. We have one goal: to turn plastic waste into high quality sunglasses. At the moment we make sunglasses from biodegradable plastic, but we are searching for a way to use plastic waste to make our sunglasses.

I deal with the ideas and opportunities, Robbert is the design man. We are two obviously good looking guys (especially Robbert), who work hard and play hard, when it comes to our work and our mission we are dead serious and ambitious.

Exactly this time last year our first collection was launched. We’ve come pretty far in a year, selling our sunglasses in stores throughout 14 countries. This week we launch our second range of sunglasses.”

Dick moby

What’s your history with Volkshotel?
Robbert: “About 3 years ago, I had an office for my fashion label on the 3rd floor at the front, before the building transformed into a hotel. I moved out and needed to find a renter so I passed it on to Tim. After a year I came back to him… it was the biggest mistake of my life”, he jokes, giving Tim the eye.

“We love the freedom we have here! It’s a dream office, especially now it’s a hotel. It’s the perfect place to receive ‘important’ people, take them for dinner or a coffee and then to our back office, where we still have the respect of being young creatives. The mix makes it a perfect professional workspace.”


Robbert: “We also had a stall at the Bouwplaats Festival (a festival on Volkshotel’s construction site in March 2014) two weeks after our launch. We showed samples of our glasses and pre-sold about 20-30 pairs. It was a great way to help people affiliate with the brand; seeing our sunglasses for the first time and meeting us in this party environment.”

Time to celebrate!
We’d like to wish these witty, young entrepreneurs  a ‘Happy 1 Year Anniversary’, congratulate them on their success so far and good luck for the journey to come.

Fancy yourself some special Dick Moby’s?
Take a look at their online store, trust us, they’re worth it.
Or you can just contact the handsome Robbert for a romantic date on a ‘Waterfiets’ (pedal boat) he might even bring his pet horse, David.


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