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January 7, 2015

Talk to: fashion designer Fernanda Fernandes


Born in the south of Brazil, fashion designer Fernanda Fernandes (32) grew up surrounded by urban fashion. That love for textile has never left her, which is why she has just graduated at Amsterdam Fashion Institute. We’re happy this young talent will be part of our Fashion Evolution event during Fashion Week on the 17th of January. Time for a quick chat with Fernanda about pop-up stores, Brazil and sustainability.

Where did your fascination for fashion start?
While growing up in Brazil, I helped my mother and uncle to design sculptures. That was the start of my love for design in general. After studying Industrial Design I knew I wanted to dive into the world of fashion. I originally came to the Netherlands because of someone I loved, but soon fell in love with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute – where I recently graduated. For me, fashion is not so much about glamour, it is about telling stories.

fernanda 2

How would you describe your work?
I’m really fascinated by human evolution. Why are we here, where are we going and who are we? If you ask me, we’re just animals. My clothes are humorous as well, like a suit with lots of hair. We do originate from monkeys after all.

Sounds fun. A bit like bizarre cartoon figures?
Yes, maybe haha. I also make stuffed animals from leftover leather from the meat industry and latex.  I think it’s important to recycle. Sometimes, the results are quite absurd, but used or leftover fabrics tell a story and I like to give them a second life. There’s enough waste already.

You’re part of Fashion Evolution at Volkshotel. What can people expect from you?
I will show my collection in an intimate setting and tell people the items’ stories. They should be able to touch and try on every piece. Expect luxurious materials without being really fancy. So a nice bomber jacket with a cool t-shirt and sneakers, that’s my style.


To get people in the Fashion Week mood, where do you get your inspiration from?
Jean Paul Gaultier, for sure. And Hussein Chalayan, who combines fashion with art, science and culture. And wherever I go, I take something with me. For example: in the slums of Brazil both workers and “cool” guys wear the exact same pants. The only difference is the way they wear and combine things. The “cool” boys know how to create a funky style. It’s inspiring to me how subtle elements can create such a different message.

Fashion Evolution // Saturday 17th January // 12.00-19.00 // Free entrance //

Find out more about Fashion Evolution by attending the Facebook event
Find out more about Fernanda:

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