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April 30, 2015

Talk to: bartender Fuji


Volkshotel is full of the weird and wonderful, especially our staff. With a lot of different backgrounds, from history to the present, our bunch of colleagues are pretty interesting. So we think it’s about time we share their stories with you (although some just need to remain a secret).

This time we had a little chat with our bartender, Fujimaro Rademaker – or just Fuji. With his Afro hair, moustache and vintage clothes, Fuji looks like he walked straight off the movie set of The Big Lebowski. Besides bartending at Volkshotel, Fuji makes and composes music. He hosted the new album release party in our basement cocktail bar, Doka.

RURWhen Fuji starts talking about his latest music project he fills up with excitement. Back in the days he started with some lyric writing and now brings his writing past back to life. Together with Karel Eggerding he forms the duo ‘RUR’; two guys mixing up techno with rap. A surprising combination of words from Fuji and the lower beats of techno by his mate, Karel. “I think we do pretty well in combining those two!” says Fuji with a satisfied smile. Inspired by modern life, he writes without a ‘filter’ all in one take and within two hours. His words capture the quickness of life.

Think big!
Fuji has big plans for the future. The release party in Doka was a unique experience with special drinks inspired by one of the tracks and a light show from V-motions. Fuji and Karel want to continue with similar projects and in the summer aim for performing at some festivals. “My biggest goal with composing music is to make a contemporary version of an opera”.

rur logo

A place for creative creatures
Fuji explains that the concept of Volkshotel appealed to him from the start. With his creative and open mind, it seems to be the perfect match. He especially enjoys sharing his passions at work, “other colleagues are creative as well, it’s great talking to them about design, art or music”.

Most of the time Fuji works in the Werkplaats bar in our lobby. His experience at pop centres and other bars make him well suited to the position behind the bar.  “Nowadays it becomes more and more crowded at Werkplaats, especially now the terrace is open, I really like that. I’m curious what summer will bring’.

Well, we also can’t wait for summer to start Fuji!

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