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April 28, 2015

Talk to: our Masseuse Barbara


Neck ache, back ache, headache, heartache, a massage fixes everything. Knead out the aches and pains. Let us introduce the queen of the knot, our new masseuse, Barbara Gemin: “I’ve always loved giving massages to family, friends and other awesome people”.

massage 1.jpg
You have recently started offering massages in our Werkplaats and Badplaats, what kind of massages are they?
In Badplaats, I offer two types of massage: one to calm and relax and one to feel amazingly energized. I use techniques such as: Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Hawaiian massage and some Thai Yoga stretches. Perfect for the guests of the Volkshotel. I also provide short chair massages in the hotel lobby on Fridays.


How did you start as a masseuse?
I always loved to give massages to family and friends after I finished my training, several workshops and courses. In April 2012, I finally got the nerve to start my own business: ‘We Like Massage’ – a mobile massage company.

Why do you think you and Volkshotel are a good match?
My credo at We Like Massage is being ‘A mobile massage company for awesome people. Starting a revolution, one massage at a time’. So for me this seems like the perfect fit with all the different guests and visitors of Volkshotel. I’m also a badass person, so yeah, it’s a pretty good match.

Who is Barbara?
She’s a very socially active, bubbly and warm person, who loves to give back to the community. Barbara has recently been busy with a Facebook community, where sick people can ask for help with small things – such as buying groceries. It is a great success and has received a lot of attention in the Dutch media. Look it up: Ziekenboeg Amsterdam.


A sneak peak at the types of massages Barbara offers:
Chair massage
We all know what that is.
Laid-back Ludvig
Do you want to relax but still want a firmer massage, because you also feel your muscles need it?
Slow Coco
Think vacation, palm trees and pina coladas. Have a slow-flow and get moisturised whilst you’re at it. Just say ALOHA!
Wake up Wanda!
Yaaaawn! Feeling tired? Need a little pick me up? Meet the energizing massage for everyone who’s feeling tired and could use a little extra OOOMMPHH!

So we suggest you come by and try, it’s always a good time for a massage. Barbara is available on Fridays for chair massages (€15,- per 15 minutes) and on Sundays for full body massages (€25,- per 35 minutes / €45,- per hour). Want to make an appointment? Send an email to

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