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May 25, 2015

Talk to: Ramona Deckers


After completing a B.A. in English Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, she moved to London to pursue a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. Back in Amsterdam it’s now time for an exhibition at Volkshotel, portraying the most extravagant night owls in town. Time for a chat with Ramona about personal style, night life and edgy people.

Exciting times as your exhibition ‘We Own The Night’ will open at Volkshotel on May 31st. Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind the project?
“I have always been interested in how people behave in social circles, youth culture and the club scene in general. Going out you see less and less eccentric people, people hardly spend time on dressing up, which I think is unfortunate. A friend of mine created a secret FB group in which most of these edgy people share thoughts, outfit inspirations, music and go-to parties together. So I contacted them and asked them who was interested in doing a shoot with me in Doka to document their preparation for the night. You know, so that we can look back in 30 years, and say, “Wow, did we go out looking like that?” Who doesn’t want to have documentation of that? Lots of people immediately responded and in the end there was a group of 25 of us.”


What was it like photographing this group of friends?
“It’s been an experience to have had the privilege of working with these wonderful people. As a group we have become even closer. It felt easy working with them. All super talented. They brought suitcases full of clothes and ideas and alcohol and cigarettes were involved, naturally. We are toying with the idea of doing another shoot in the near future. Maybe a summer edition in full colour somewhere in a forest… who knows.”

Are there certain style elements in your portfolio that characterise your work?
“Looking back at my work I am leaning towards the melancholic, with a slight hint of eroticism exploring the female form. I like to get personal and intimate when it comes to photographing people (in my case, my friends) and create honest photographs – often un-staged, no sugarcoating. It is a little contrary to ‘We Own the Night’, which is a funny, discordant mixture of expressions, poses and outfit combinations. I don’t focus on perfection, I like to dig deeper and look for small imperfections both in my subject, the techniques and the photograph itself. I work with analogue equipment which gives me unpredictable results. I like the surprise element.”


Great, we love surprises. Are there any other events that you’re particularly looking forward to?
“What I am really excited about is that this year I am going to Burning Man. I’ll be staying in the States for a month, so hopefully I get to hook up with special people and photograph them. It will make a beautiful series with the desert in the background and not to forget the sunrises and sunsets. All the colours… I am a very impulsive person, I can wake up with an idea or just do as I please without thinking of the outcome.”

After the opening of your exhibition there also is a ‘Own The Night’ party at Canvas on the 7th floor, celebrating extravagance. Is there a particular song you’re looking forward to hearing?
“I am wholeheartedly hoping for Dave DK’s Smukke Lyde from his new album Val Maira. Any track that is on that album will do actually, I am really in love with it! I recommend the whole album to anyone.”

The exhibition ‘We Own The Night’ will open on May 31st from 17.00 in Werkplaats. Entrance is free.
More info on the Own The Night party at Canvas:

The exhibition is sponsored by Fotolab Kiekie.

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