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June 15, 2015

Talk to: Vincent Reinders – 22tracks


HOORAY, it’s our birthday! Saturday 27 june 2015, we host our first birthday party. The birthday festival will be a small recap of the first year of Volkshotel, in collaboration with friends like Fringe Festival, Creative Mornings, 22tracks and 24classics. Time for a chat with some of our friends, who have been there since the early beginning. Today, it’s time for a talk with Vincent Reinders, founder of music platform 22tracks: “Volkshotel is basically my extended living room.”

So, we’re almost one year old! Do you remember the first time you visited Volkshotel?
‘What I remember the most, was the tour I had right before the opening. That night, there was an opening party coming up and still there were builders fixing the walls of the venue, haha. Over the last year, we’ve organised five parties at Canvas, I’ve enjoyed over ten dinners and I like to do some laptop work in Werkplaats. Volkshotel is basically my extended living room.’

You have your own business as well. What was it like at 22tracks, being a one year old?
‘We celebrated our one-year anniversary during Amsterdam Dance Event, throwing our first big party at the Sugar Factory. I remember how exciting and new it all was. My friends ‘Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap’ performed, we had a series of djs playing… it was an awesome night! Sugar Factory had arranged a circus performance: some fake horses on stilts, walking around. The performers had been preparing for hours, but it was a complete misfit with the programme… I don’t think the stilt horses liked me much that night.’

Venz Canvas

We’ve already collaborated with the Se22ions club nights and there are more 22tracks parties coming up in Canvas. Looking forward to anything special?
‘We have a great disco edition coming up with Falco Benz live and SHMLSS behind the decks on July 4th. The afterparty of our festival 22Fest with the Paris house king NickV promises to be great and we’re hosting the official afterparty of Appelsap. I’m pretty sure there will be more coming up in the future. Maybe some acoustic stuff at Werkplaats?’

And now you’re also present at our Bday bash! 22tracks will host ‘Get Brunch Or Die Trying’ at Canvas on our 7th floor. What can we expect?
‘LOBSTER! And more lobster. Our resident djs Saux & Titia play the best alternative, electronic pop and downtempo tracks. To be frank, I’ve never had brunch whilst enjoying a DJ set. Let alone listening to music that was dedicated to food and bloody marys. I think it will be the perfect start of the weekend.’

Canvas 22party

Let’s finish it off with one last Volkshotel anecdote…
‘Where to start… One of my first ever DJ gigs was in the old Canvas (before the reconstruction). More recent, I had a long and great conversation about Fleetwood Mac with Canvas’ toilet lady, whilst enjoying some delicious lukewarm candy frogs and peaches. And another time, after one of the 22sessions I didn’t want to waste a bottle of vodka, so I wanted to take it home with me. Luckily, a friendly security guy prevented this from happening. He let me pour it into a longdrink, but a colleague of mine confiscated it for my own sake. And I wasn’t even that drunk…’

About Vincent
Vincent Reinders alias Venz (30) started 22tracks in 2009. The platform invites djs to curate the best 22 tracks in their musical field. So thanks to this Vincent you never have to miss out on the latest music. Next to that he spins records and organises events offering a stage to promising bands, like Se22ions at Canvas and 22Fest. On our birthday you’ll find him hosting ‘Get Brunch Or Die Trying’ at our 7th floor. Expect a combination of comfort food and wake-up music.

Get Brunch Or Die Trying takes place at Canvas on June 27th, 11.00-16.00. Want to reserve a table? Check out  Join us on Facebook:

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