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May 6, 2015

Talk to: Volkssport trainer Gertjan


Forget Tae Bo, Zumba and all the other fitness hypes of the last few years. There is a new kid in town: Volkssport. A training that starts at Volkshotel and combines sporting in the open air, exploring the neighborhood and fun. For sporty people who have some spare time on Tuesday evening and still have a little bit of energy left. You will see… there will be a new stronger, faster and more energetic you after this training. Oh and by the way, our special Volks trainer Gertjan (35) is just as fun as the training! Let us introduce him.

So, you’re going to turn us into sports heroes… What kind of training can people expect?
“It’s an urban adventure, but most of all it’s just some fun out in the sun (we’ll figure something out with very bad weather). Every training is different, I like a bit of variety. With a small group of people we go out into the park or we explore the streets of Amsterdam, searching for elements that can make you stronger, faster but most importantly more energetic. Exercises for your balance, endurance, flexibility and so on, you will find them all in the training. Those different elements make these bootcamp-like trainings so much fun!”

Who’s your ideal candidate for the training? Let’s say I’m not the sporty type, can I still join in?
“I could say everybody who’s free between 6.30 and 7.30 PM on Tuesday could join haha, but that would be too easy. If your enthusiastic and out going, you’ll love this training. It’s ideal for those living in the Eastern part of Amsterdam as well!”


What is it about Volkshotel that makes this a good match?
“I really love to go there. They’ve made it a really special place, don’t you think? It’s not pretentious, they have a clear mindset and it’s set in a fun environment. You can feel that in every aspect of the building. People from the neighbourhood, tourists, entrepreneurs and staff; the combination of all these different people makes me happy. I definitely hope to see them at my training.”

Who’s Gertjan?
“Ever since I was little I’ve always said I wanted to do ‘something’ with sports. I’m still waiting for the phone call from the coach of the national soccer team, but unfortunately no career as a professional athlete for me so far. I’m happy to say there are other cool things to do in the sport business. It started 15 years ago, when I first became a trainer and teacher and currently I’m an advisor of the Amsterdam municipality where I cover sports policy. I also just followed an international course for personal trainers.

Looking back I definitely see some changes in the world of sports. It used to be just fitness and aerobics, but nowadays there is a lot more to choose from. That also goes for my trainings, but one thing always stayed the same: fun is the key.”

Volkssport at Volkshotel
Tuesdays: 18:30-19:30
Meetingpoint: inside Volkshotel, directly on your right when you walk in

Price 1 training                      €9,-
Price 10 training card          €80,-

Do you want to join? Send an email to

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