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March 11

Talk to: ZEST’s Adam & Willem


During Volkshotel’s second artist in residence project, artist collective ZEST reside in Werkplaats entresol. For 2 months they create art and host small events which all lead up to their grand finale in the last week of March. Close to the finish line they are getting excited… and a little nervous. Next up in the limelight: Adam Osman (26) and Willem Stapel (21).

‘An Evening of Romance in Cyberspace’ is the opening night of ZEST LOVES VOLKSHOTEL. A theatrical night in the dark and tempting Doka, with selfies from the future, the results of the sensual pottery workshop and a completely new look on self-esteem.


What can we expect?
Willem: “A dark, but shameless ride through your own sexual desires and the social pressure that comes with it. All senses will be used to enhance the experience. Eccentric personalities, visuals, sounds, smells and tastes will all play big roles during the evening.”

Adam: “When you’re inside Doka, you’ll find yourself in a bubble where everything is a performance. You will be part of several exciting scenarios. We want you to leave feeling good and satisfied.”

Willem: “3D scans will also be made on the evening itself, combining the modern superficial ‘selfie’ photography with ancient stone statues. You can create the images yourself. In 3D scans, your body becomes like stone and your emotions are no longer visible. A new dimension to self-expression arises, resulting in different perceptions of self-esteem.”


You’ve been here for a few weeks now, working on your ideas and even hosting a clay workshop. Can we see the results of all this work in Doka?
Adam: “The pieces from our workshop ‘Double D – Sensual Pottery’ will be appearing in visual forms. During the workshop itself, there was no small talk about the past or present, only the subject of sexual experiences was allowed to be discussed. With the aim to change their view on the future of pornography, this developed into conversations about desires. The results of the clay modelling are just… impressive. You’ll have to come and see!”


Adam: “Oh we forgot to mention the dress code for the evening! You can come pimpin’, whorish, futuristic or stylish. But if none of these options suit you, you can also just come as you are.”

Find out more about ZEST LOVES VOLKSHOTEL

ZEST LOVES VOLKSHOTEL // 20th, 24th, 27th & 28th March
20/03/2015 — ZEST in DOKA / An evening of romance in Cyberspace
24/03/2015 — ZEST in WERKPLAATS / Temporary gym > Hyper extension
27/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR / Classical night
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Free entry
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Synth Closing
28/03/2015 — ZEST in CANVAS / Club Night


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