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February 14, 2014

Folk: Lotte Klaver


Lotte Klaver is an illustrator who works in our creative hub on the Ground Floor. She enjoys sharing with others because it makes her more motivated to work

What do you do?
I draw. Each day, I post a new drawing at Apart from that I make illustrations for different clients and do performances with the ‘Tekenmachine’ (drawing machine).

What projects are working on, at the moment?
Each week, I make an illustration for NRC Next (Dutch newspaper, red.). As well as that, I’m drawing a large illustration for an open-air exhibition in the Kinkerstraat, a street in the West of Amsterdam. The city district has this comic project and asked several Amsterdam illustrators to take part.

What is your connection with the Volkshotel building?
Ever since the founding of the Broedplaats in 2007, I’ve had my studio here. I began in a private studio on the fourth floor. Later, I moved to the ground flour, which I share with five other people.

How would you describe your collaboration with other creatives?
Sometimes, we ask each other for an honest opinion on the work we’re doing. But apart from that, we mostly go our separate ways. Here in this studio, we take good care of each other: making coffee or grabbing lunch for each other. Sharing a studio motivates me to work hard. I can’t go around and do nothing, when I see other people working hard. I am much more productive now than I was in my private studio.

What’s your best memory of the Volkshotel building?
The renovation of ‘our’ forth floor that we did in 2007. There was a group of super nice artists collaborating in this. We had a lot of fun.

Could you describe how you envision the future of Volkshotel?
I am very curious. I hope there will be a nice interaction between the hotel guests and the creatives

Tekening Lotte Klaver

Illustratie Lotte Klaver


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