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August 13, 2013

Folk: Maja Markovic


Maja Markovic is part of our creative team. Together with eight other young creative minds, she provides
us with plenty of ideas and inspiration for Volkshotel.

As part of the creative team, Maja focuses on furniture, wall paintings and… finding a solution for the hundreds of bicycles that will soon be parked in front of the Volkshotel.

Where are you from?
I’m from Amsterdam, but I’ve got Serbian and Greek roots.

What do you do for a living?
I work freelance for different creative event and interior projects. For the last months, I’ve worked on a major set piece for the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. My next project will be a large brand event in Amsterdam Roest.

What’s your connection to the Volkshotel building?
I curated exhibitions in Canvas before, was part of the Volkshotel Creative Team. And… I made one of the Canvas picnic tables. Secretly, I would really want to have that one back.

What’s your best memory of the building?
The amazing view over Amsterdam. For me, this was the main reason to pick up my laptop and go to work on the Canvas rooftop terrace. This view set in motion a new creative course for me. For the past four years, Canvas had a major influence my career.

The Volkshotel will open soon. What are your expectations?
I think it will become a gathering space for all kinds of curious and interesting people. A lively place from dusk till dawn!

Last chance to get it off your chest… what do you want to tell us?
That  think it’s incedibly special that I was part of the start of this special project. And that I really think Volkshotel wil leave an significant mark on Amsterdam.


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