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February 24, 2016

Portrait 4/300: Buro Nana


Hiding in our rear wing we’ve got a space filled with over 200 creative minds, all together forming a creative workspace named “Broedplaats VKG”. They’ve been here since 2007 – long before Volkshotel even existed. Over the years, things have changed, but the “Broedplaats” still plays an important role in keeping this building lively, local and creative. We talked to Cristina and Naomi, together forming Buro Nana – a combined retail and branding studio.

Can you tell us a bit about what you do?
“We design retail identities, products and environments. These vary in scale, from identity, packaging or point of sale, to larger projects involving whole interiors. In either case, we get involved throughout the whole process from strategy and concept design to final execution. A good example of this would be our collaboration with Bubble&Stitch, where we got to design everything from their identity, website and communications to their interior and pop-up locations, defining as such the whole customer experience.” 


How did Buro-Nana come to exist?
“Actually, we used to be colleagues in a retail design agency here in Amsterdam, and had already worked on a couple of projects together. We both eventually left our jobs to become freelancers and, shortly after, we started to collaborate. Our different fields of expertise fit well together. Combining Retail (interiors & furniture) with Branding (identity, communications, website) means we can deliver a full service.” 

What would be your dream project?
We would defintely love to work with a restaurant or café. Probably because we are both from food loving cultures, and like the idea of creating a place that embraces and enhances connectivity and social gathering.

buro nana_photographer_16

Why Buro-Nana?
“Well, the name actually comes from the combination of our two names. In French, “nana” is also slang for “chick”. We like this contrast between “buro” which is quite a tough and serious word and “nana”, which is more soft and easy to remember.” 

buro nana_photographer_10

How did you get a studio here?
There were two guys already working in the studio, looking for two extra people to join. At that time we were looking to share an office with another girl, also working on interior projects. Luckily we managed to convince the guys to take the three of us. On the day we moved in, these men didn’t know what was happening! Suddenly there was a blonde, brunette and ginger in the studio with all their plants and small knick-knacks. It was very funny. But they have grown used to us now, we have all become great colleagues and friends.”

Studio 0.61, Broedplaats VKG

buro nana_photographer_4

Naomi Thellier de Poncheville (1983)
Bachelor in Industrial and Product Design at Olivier de Serres , Paris, France (2004)
Master in Industrial and Product Design at Birmingham City University, UK (2007)
Cristina Zanon (1982)
Diploma in Graphic Design & Advertising at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano (2006)
Most recent project:
◈ Bubble & Stitch, Amsterdam (2015)
Retail & Branding
◈ Poorter Tandartsen, Zoetermeer (2015)
◈ Adidas Retail Campaign (2016)

© Portraits & studio interior images by: Joao MB Costa
Find more of his work on vimeo : Joao MB Costa
Interview & text by: Merel Løkke Rasmussen

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