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October 24, 2016

Sabina’s vintage horror top 5


She’s one of the masterminds behind all things creative at Volkshotel. Meet Sabina. Besides her work at Volkshotel, she loves dinosaurs, unicorns and all kinds of weird stuff. Including Halloween. That’s why she’s sharing 5 of her favourite horror films. Heeere’s Sabina!

1. The Lost Boys

the-lost-boys“Kiefer Sutherland was my first true love. Well, only Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys. Besides that movie, I don’t like him at all. But when I was little, the only thing I ever wanted was to be a vampire and hangout with Kiefer.”

2. It

tumblr_inline_nxxz1r0wxg1t0ijhl_500“I really wanted to watch this when I was a little girl. But why, for god’s sake?! I couldn’t take a shower for 2 weeks.”

3. Nightmare on Elm street

Freddy_Krueger“Freddy Krueger is my spirit animal. When I was 12 I bought a Freddy Krueger glove, with the knifes and everything, from my pocket money. I even asked my mom if she wanted to knit me a Freddy Krueger sweater. She never did unfortunately.”

4. Gremlins

grem“Everyone loved Gizmo and wanted to own a Mogwai. Including me! Now I have one. Well, a stuffed animal-version. It keeps me company every night. I’m not kidding.”

5. Fright Night

evil-ed“My sister is 6 years older than me. When we were younger we went to the video store to rent a videotape. I wanted to rent Teddy Ruxpin, but my sister chose Fright Night. For 2 weeks I had to sleep in my parents’ bed, because I was so scared. My parents were really happy with my sister’s movie choice…”

Halloween x Volkshotel
Watch as much horror movies as you can handle. Take a seat in our improvised mini-cinema that’s open all day.
28 till 30 October // 07:00-23:00 // Werkplaats // Free entrance

Gremlins exhibition
Bart’s one of the biggest Gremlin collectors in the world. He has over 1000 Gremlin items. A part of his collection can be seen at Volkshotel until 16 december. Read his story


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