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April 9, 2015

Talk to: Cirque Valentin!


Freshly graduated at the Conservatorium, guitarist and singer Valentijn Bannier (27) started his own band called Cirque Valentin. Inspired by everything from Outkast to Gwen Stafani and the The Jackson 5, his debut album ‘On Pleasure Island’ presents an energetic kind of pop music. We’ve asked this talent to play an acoustic set in a hotel room during our new theatre festival ‘Secret Rooms’ this Sunday and he said yes! Time to get to know this fellow a little bit better.

Maybe we should start with saying congratulations, your debut album has been out for about six months now. How would you describe your style?
I would say it’s quite a crossover of styles. It’s very energetic, just like me, and I like to mix pop music with tropical hip hop. Maybe I should find a name for that haha. The sound is mainly created on stage, just seeing what works best, and the album is a reflection of that. In the future I would like my name to be mentioned in the same breath as Gwen Stefani, Outkast and so on, to give you an impression of my heroes.


Have you ever performed in a hotel room before?
No, actually I haven’t! But I was lucky enough to sleep in Volkshotel already, so I know what the bed feels like. Recently we did do an intimate acoustic set for the first time and that’s just what people can expect during Secret Rooms as well. I like to use the space, experiment, create a full sound with less instruments. But there is no finished plan yet, we will see what happens, we might even use the shower.

People might not know this but your studio is located in the basement of Volkshotel.
Yes, I’ve had a studio via Urban Resort for four years now and it’s a great space. I share it with four other musicians like Abe, he’s a drummer and we work together as well. We’ve just turned the space around into a great place to write. So it’s perfect to try stuff, write new material, create horrible songs to create something great the next time. It’s a cosy environment because I constantly bump into people I know. Sometimes I used to fall asleep on the cables there, but now there are actual hotel rooms around the corner. Things are getting better!


Secret Rooms // Sunday 12th April // 15.00-23.00
Cirque Valentin is performing twice at Secret Rooms this Sunday.
Start: 19.00 & 20.00, tickets are €7.50 and available at the Secret Ticket Desk at Volkshotel.
Attend event & view full program here.

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