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October 12, 2015

Talk to: Karin Looijesteijn – Florist


Have you ever noticed that Volkshotel is a bit of a mini jungle? Well, there is over 300 plants, about 100 vases of flowers and one person to keep them alive. Let us introduce our green fingered, floral artist and very down to earth (excuse our pun): Karin Looijesteijn (36).

Where did you find your love for working with flowers?
I am a farmer’s daughter, my father and grandfather harvested flower bulbs, so I grew up amongst fields of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils. I love to do things with my hands, be creative and busy. So at the age of 19, I found myself a job in a florist in Amsterdam, I had the itch to work in the city.


And now?
I studied for 8 years for a Master’s Degree in floristry. During my studies I worked in a few different flower shops; I believe doing is learning. After deciding it was time to work for myself I became a freelancer. So for a while now I’ve been working for several companies, all of them different from each other. From 5 star hotels to huge events in Berlin, from weddings to Volkshotel. It’s good because it’s personal, making things to suit people and being involved in diverse projects. I really look at the person and their environment and make the connection with what I think would work best.


What do you do for Volkshotel?
Before the hotel was open I bought all the plants, there’s a lot of them… on every floor, from lobby to rooftop – they require a lot of attention (watering nearly everyday by staff). I come once a week with new flowers for Canvas, the Lobby and Doka and check on the plants. Flowers and plants can really make a place so I take it very seriously.


Why do you find Volkshotel a good match?
It’s a really nice hotel, nice people, nice design, the interior especially suits me. It’s a fun and creative place. I’ve been here from the beginning. It’s great to be a part of something that is growing, just like a young plant.

What do you like most about working with plants?
Houses and workspaces without plants seem so empty to me, not warm and inviting.  I love how plants give a place personality and the finishing touch. Not only that but they are good for your body and mind. When you work around them they help you concentrate, give fresh air and a good feeling. It’s great to work with something that you can watch grow and be healthy.


Check out Karin’s flower skills and maybe get yourself your own mini jungle.

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