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June 1, 2015

Talk to: Marijke Aarntzen


When she visits a museum she leaves knowing more about the plug sockets than the art itself. Inspired by simplicity and basic materials, her exhibition ‘Just Colour and Material.’ shines in the sun and dances in the shadows in our lobby. A really genuine and humble person, let us introduce our very own receptionist/reservations colleague and artist: Marijke Aarntzen.

Hi Marijke, next to being our colleague – you’re an artist exhibiting in our lobby. Can you tell us more about you and your creative streak?
At high school, you could always find me in the art space, working on my creative projects. But initially I didn’t want to go to Art school – I was more interested in anthropology, philosophy, psychology and generally thinking about the human being. I’m someone that thinks a lot, just taking things in and talking about my ideals with everyone and anyone.

Anyhow, I couldn’t really decide what direction to take, so I applied for 4 different art school courses: Photography, Graphic, Product & Industrial Design and Fashion. Because I was too late for the others, I ended up doing the Fashion course. Here, I was always seen as the ‘conceptual/autonomic’ designer taking a bit of all directions.

This is also reflected in my art; I play with different mediums, from collage to real objects and illustrations. I like to see the aesthetics from mixing colours, material and compositions. I think it always stands for something, even unconsciously, it tells us something.


Can you tell us more about your exhibited work ‘Just Colour and Material.’?
Well as the title says: it’s just colour and material… I like seeing the simple things in our daily lives. When I go to a museum, I end up knowing more about the tiles, the plug sockets and the toilets than the art. I like ‘basic’ things. From empty buildings to old music boxes and nice bikes, it’s all about material, colour and composition.

This work is based on different materials that I just came across. One piece is from a ceiling that I found on the street. I was asked to make something inspired by a young design label, for me this particular label stands for precision, layers, dark colours and geometry, so that’s basically it. No need to tell a big story about an ‘interesting concept’.

collage marijke

Can you explain why you don’t tell ‘a big story’?
I always found it difficult to explain my projects. People can ask me about my thoughts, but I don’t want it to be ‘directly in your face’. If you want to know more about my work, a conversation is so much better than a concept explained next to the artwork. I like to give an option in just seeing an artwork and if you’re wondering how or why, you can always get in touch.

What are your plans for the future?
Sometimes, I’m dreaming away to a nice house in the nature in Denmark, with a motorcycle next to it, and playing loud music all day long. But for now, I’m thinking about renting a studio to start with all my ideas from still life photography, to designing concrete dishes and teaching myself typography. I need to start somewhere.

Come and see Marijkes exhibition in our lobby, and check out her other work. We might be biased, but we think she is very talented.

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