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Your room will be ready at 16:00. Come when you like, your luggage is safe with us. Check out is at 12:00 midday, so have a sleep in.

Breakfast is served on our 7th floor, 7:00-11:00 on weekdays & 8:00-12:00 on weekends and holidays. Breakfast is €13 pp.

We have our own private outdoor car park, next to the hotel. We charge €20 per 24hrs for hotel guests. Other visitors pay €3 per hour or €25 for 24 hrs. Usually there’s enough space for everyone. We don’t take reservations.

Our rates include VAT and other taxes. We like to keep things simple.
Limited Rate (pay now): This rate gives the best price for your room. You’ll pay the full amount when you make your booking. Modifying or cancelling your booking is possible for €20 per night, until 24 hours before your day of arrival. For example: When your arrival day is Friday, you can modify or cancel your booking until Wednesday 11:59pm (Amsterdam Time).
Flex Rate (pay on arrival or pay now): This rate lets you modify or cancel your booking free of charge, until 24 hours before your day of arrival. For example: When your arrival day is Friday, you can modify or cancel your booking until Wednesday 11:59pm (Amsterdam Time).

Bike rent
You can rent a Volkshotel bike for €14 on the first day & €10 on following days. We don’t take reservations.

Co-working space & Wi-Fi
Volkshotel’s Wi-Fi is fast and free of charge. We offer a free co-working space where Amsterdammers and hotel guests sit side by side. For private business meetings you can book a 4 to 8 person cabin for €40or €55 per hour.

As long as it’s not the size of a giraffe, pets (max 2) are welcome to stay for an additional €15 fee per night. Email us at, so we are prepared.

Use your room for relaxing, sleeping, cuddling, philosophizing, but not for smoking. If you smoke in your room or tamper with the smoke alarm we will charge you a €150 fee.

Drugs & Prostitution
Drugs (use, possession and selling of any kind) and prostitution are not tolerated in any part of Volkshotel.

Badplaats (Mini Spa)
Our rooftop hot tubs & sauna are open 7:00-23:00. No need to bring cash, only a bathing suit. Alcohol and glassware are not allowed.

Restaurant & Canvas Nights
On Friday and Saturday nights our restaurant Canvas can turn into a dance floor, if the mood is right. Entrance is free for these nights.

Our sound bar Doka in the basement is open on Fridays & Saturdays 22:00-6:00. Doka has limited capacity, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get in.

Everybody needs a bit of relaxation from time to time. Let your downward facing dog out. For schedules check out

Get your haircut on Fridays from 3:00-9:00pm in Werkplaats. Grab a beer, a burger and start your weekend with new hair!

Neck ache, back ache, headache, heartache, a massage fixes everything. Knead out the stress and pains. Send an email to or drop by the reception. 

During your stay you might run into live music, exhibitions, cultural events and more. For up to date information, check out

March 21, 2015

Talk to: Menah


With a piece of chalk (or several), a black wall and no restrictions, we invite creatives to let loose on our lobby chalkboard. This week we have our first artist under the spotlight to create some magic. Let us introduce one of our Broedplaats renters, the lovely and bubbly Illustrator, Menah (25).

Tell us a little about yourself….
I’m Menah, I live & work in Amsterdam. Graduating from art school in 2011, I started illustrating. My work consists of illustrating, a lot of live drawing (at club nights, concerts and parties, but also for instance visual minutes at conferences) and, mostly journal-related, personal projects. I’ve recently moved into a new place that has great light in the morning, which has now made me a morning person.


Where do you get your inspiration for personal projects?
I’m fascinated by all people. I’m very moved by the little things they do. The best moments in my day are the moments when I’m talking to a friend and their face changes completely when they talk about some pastry they like. Or when they watch tv while simultaneously practising left-handed writing. Or talk to me in English, then talk to the cat in French. I used to draw fantasy worlds, but I’ve started to like ‘reality’ so much I think I can stick with it without ever getting bored. I’m trying to share as much intimacy with the world as I can. That’s a big part of life for me, so it’s also a big part of my work.

Menah 2

What’s your relationship with Volkshotel?
I first came to Volkshotel when it practically had no walls. It did however have sufficient desk space, good coffee, and my lovely lovely studio mate Aynouk. In time, I’ve seen the building grow into this super happening, quirky, energetic space, with lots of different people doing lots of different stuff every day. I really enjoy this place. It’s the hotel that never sleeps.


And finally, tell us about the chalkboard…
I started with all these ideas of fun quirky drawings, but then when I stood in front of the chalkboard I discovered that I really wanted to add a personal touch to the Volkshotel. So I drew this girl in a hotel room, I imagine she’s a bit tired and hadn’t noticed the person she shares the room with looking at her. I like how big the wall space is, I think it works nicely with the intimacy of the scene.


Check out Menah’s work, we love it!

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