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September 14, 2015

Talk to Diederik Eggenkamp – musician


Only twenty two years old, jazz musician and master student at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam Diederik Eggenkamp will travel from China to Malta or Germany to spread the jazz sound. Whether it’s a guitar, drums or contrabas – he plays it all. Every two weeks he invites other musicians to the Smokin’ Sessions jam at Werkplaats where they go wild. Time for a chat about the best jazz classics, ‘schnabbels’ and the musician lifestyle.

So tell us, is your musician life as romantic as I think it is?
“It depends on what you expect of it, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I think of musicians as entrepreneurs so first you just have to invest, financially it’s not a golden ticket. Most musicians also work a daytime job, luckily there are always ‘schnabbels’ to get some extra cash. This summer I have played at several cozy cafés in Amsterdam, traveled to Malta (great beaches!) to play as well and China is on the agenda. Irregular work hours and lots of freedom, that’s the charm of it all. And of course all the different people I get to meet because of our shared love for music.”


You’re the initiator of the Smokin’ Sessions jam. Can you explain the secret of a magic jam?
“A diverse sound is the first thing that comes to mind. To make sure there’s a mixed sound I like to work with a wide variety of opening acts; upcoming talents combined with renowned names and different styles varying from latin/afro to funky, modern/avant-garde, etc. In short it’s all the atmosphere, diversity in sound, high quality music to surprise the audience and affordable beer to make the crew happy.”

Looking back, who inspired you to become a jazz musician?
“George Benson, Pat Metheny, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Sonny Rollins, Cedar Walton, Django Reinhardt, B.B. King… A random list, but these are some who come to mind. Ask me again and I’m sure the list will be different. The Dutch jazz scene is amazing as well, artists like Jasper Blom, Benjamin Herman, Jesse van Ruller, Joost van Schaik, Martijn Vink, Reinier Baas, Peter Beets and Ruud Ouwehand. I can go on haha.”

Please inspire us by sharing your top five favorite records?

  1. Sonny Rollins – Newk’s Time
    Golden solo’s, great rhythm section. The energy and spontaneous sound of this album stunned me.
  1. Stevie Wonder – Hotter than July
    Last summer I discovered this soul / funk album, I would strongly recommend to play it when you’re just out of bed, morning sessions. Groovy stuff, raw tunes, it really shows the versatility of Stevie.

  1. Larry Young – Unity
    The team says it all: Larry Young (Hammond B3), Woody Shaw (trumpet), Joe Henderson (tenor sax) & Elvin Jones (drums). This record is boiling, amazing compositions. A must have for those who love some ‘60s jazz.
  1. Jasper Blom Quartet – Audacity
    One of my two favorite Dutch albums from this moment. Jasper effortlessly combines different styles resulting in an extremely groovy and versatile sound.
  1. Grant Green – Idle Moments
    Somehow Idle Moments had a big influence on me. It’s quite danceable, spontaneous like a crazy jam session.

Join us for the next Smokin’ Sessions on the 23rd of September:
Entrance is free, start 20:30 at Werkplaats. 

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