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August 27, 2015

Talk to: Silvie Konings – video artist


If it has anything to do with images, dance or film, Silvie Konings (32) is your woman. After studying Audiovisual at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she followed her passion for dance and visual arts. Now she and her partner in crime, Edward van Dongen present their own play at Doka during Amsterdam Fringe Festival; in an attempt to trigger the audience. Time for a chat about expression, experiment and inspiration.

What inspired you to create the play ‘Title and place unknown-the announcement of the death of man’?
‘During our study, Edward and I talked a lot about the beauty of dance as a form of expression. He focused on interactive video and non-linear storytelling, where I dove into the world of dance and directing. The area of tension between theatre, dance and film is really interesting to me; is it possible to unite these elements somehow? It all comes together in our play ‘Title and place unknown-the announcement of the death of man?’. We break down film into light and form, tell stories that you can actually smell and play with what you can and can’t see.’


Sounds like a fascination combination of elements. How would you describe the evening for the audience?
‘Expect an audio-visual dance performance that keeps developing just like people and machines do. It’s indeed an experiment that triggers the audience to keep an open mind and look beyond what they already know. We collaborate with some magnificent modern dancers that will be confronted with themselves and the concept of humans versus technology.’

You’ve already participated in Fringe before, what do you consider to be special about the festival?
‘Fringe offers a stage for experimental theatre, a place where you can create. It’s a good stimulation to make new work. Sharing that with an audience is a great experience. Basically Fringe challenges me as a theatre maker.’


Last but not least; can you share your all time favourite plays with us?
William Kentridge – the refusal of time
Pina Bausch – Kontakthof
STRP Festival in Eindhoven is known for high quality performances
AntiVJ – 3destruct

Check out ‘Title and place unknown-the announcement of the death of man’? yourself between the 4th & 12th of September in Doka. Tickets & info:

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