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February 27, 2015

Talk to: ZEST’s Boris & Tim


During February and March, ZEST resides in Volkshotel, creating art and small events. All will lead to their Grand Finale: the last weekend of March will be filled with ZEST events. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce the ZEST members and their work. Today, we would like you to meet Boris Acket (26) and Tim Straver (24).

What can we expect from you both?
Boris: “During the last two weeks of March, we’re presenting the results of 2 months of work here. Each of us is doing our own project throughout Volkshotel. I’m preparing our ‘Circle Echo’ – an interactive performance space in the Houten Zaal. There will be 8 speakers in a circle and a whole lot of lights, with one sound source in the middle. The sound source can be anything, from a professional musician to a singing visitor. Everything they do will echo throughout all speakers in different velocities, octaves and orders; it’s a big musical instrument.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.07.54

On Friday night, we’ve invited several musicians to perform in the Circle Echo, like composer Yu Oda (Japan) and flute-player Sarah Jeffery (UK). Sarah is also going to do something similar to a traditional English folk dance. Saturday morning will start off easy with a yin yoga session – the Circle Echo can be really relaxing. After that, visitors are welcome to use the Circle Echo themselves. At night, a spacy synth concert will heat up the crowd before going to our club night. We’re proud to host DJ Coni (Paris) in Canvas. Expect house music, visuals… a whole kit and caboodle.”


Tim: I focus on the visual appearance of ZEST. So I’m taking care of the design of our work space and our events. During the festival weekend, I’m in charge of the path that connects all of our events together, visual as well as sound. Starting at the hotel entrance, the path will take you along to a cyber space romance in Doka, interactive 3D fitness, opera and will end in a sweaty club night. The path will take the stairs, the elevator… it’s everywhere. It’s kind of hard to explain what to expect. You’ll just have to see it.”

Boris: “Can I add one last thing? I think Tim deserves more credit. He is much more than ‘just’ our visual man. He’s our ‘tower of strength’, guarding the ZEST-feeling and -style.”

ZEST LOVES VOLKSHOTEL // 20th, 24th, 27th & 28th March
20/03/2015 — ZEST in DOKA / An evening of romance in Cyberspace
24/03/2015 — ZEST in WERKPLAATS / Temporary gym > Hyper extension
27/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR / Classical night
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Free entry
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Synth Closing
28/03/2015 — ZEST in CANVAS / Club Night


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