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February 23, 2015

ZEST in Residence


If you walk around Volkshotel’s ground floor, you might wonder what seven people, a gold fish and a cross fit trainer are doing, packed into one of the work cabins. Let us introduce… ZEST – Volkshotel’s second artist in residence project. Time for a chat with two ZEST members Boris Acket (26) and Tim Straver (24). Boris: “I never really understood that whole ‘Artist in Residence’ stuff. I mean: why would you go anywhere else to do your work? But now I get it.”


Volkshotel: Ok, lets go back to the beginning What is ZEST?
Boris: “It is an artist collective. Currently, we’re a group of seven young artists. We met while studying Graphic Design at the HKU University of the Arts and found each other in our love for technology, interaction, experience and performance art. It all started out when four of us were planning on organising a club night together. What originated as plans for a ‘regular’ club night, soon evolved into an experimental party based on emotions. For example; the idea that the Door Bitch’s mood would be influenced by the music, ranging from being really sweet to extremely angry.

But our plans got a bit out of hand; it was all far to difficult to put into practice. So we came up with a smaller event: ZEST 01 at Amsterdam Roest. A lot of our original plans were integrated in the program there – although the Door Bitch didn’t make it. After this first event, we decided to go forward with Zest as an artist collective based on experience, emotion, interaction and technology.”


How did you end up in Volkshotel?
Boris: “We still wanted to do a club night, so we reached out to Canvas – even before the hotel opened. During Volkshotel’s opening weekend in June 2014, we walked around thinking about all the cool things you can do with this building. When Canvas’ Programmer Alex told us about the hotel’s ambition to do artist in residence projects, we started thinking about doing more than just a club night.”

Tim: “Volkshotel really fits us. Not only the space, but also that it’s a young company where a lot is possible and of course the continuous flow of visitors here. More and more people start walking into our mini office on Volkshotel’s ground floor, ranging from bar staff to girls promoting their yoga class and men in suits, having a break from a conference.”

Boris: “I never really understood that whole ‘Artist in Residence’ stuff. I mean: why would you go anywhere else to do your work? But now I get it: we’re part of a micro society where we can really add something new. I like that.”


Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to more ZEST members & their work.

ZEST LOVES VOLKSHOTEL // 20th, 24th, 27th & 28th March
20/03/2015 — ZEST in DOKA / An evening of romance in Cyberspace
24/03/2015 — ZEST in WERKPLAATS / Temporary gym > Hyper extension
27/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR / Classical night
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Free entry
28/03/2015 — ZEST in HOUTEN ZAAL / APPARĀTUS CIRCULAR — Synth Closing
28/03/2015 — ZEST in CANVAS / Club Night


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