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February 1

Complaints photos by Noel Loozen

Art & Cult

Dutch people love to complain, about anything and everyone. Artist Noël Loozen was inspired by this love for complaining. Shut inside, with no light of day, Noël sat in one of Volkshotel’s work cabins for 24 long hours to listen to all complaints. 7 complaints inspired him to make these photos.

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

Why does Amsterdam sell these stupid Nepalese hats as a souvenir?
They should be forbidden by law!

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

I ripped my dress on a cactus in your hotel and now I want a new one.


Why are there no hooks in the bathroom? Why are there hooks in the toilet?

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

Muesli is all there is!

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

I get annoyed by people who don’t put out their cigarette properly.

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

My sandwich bags always tear open on both sides!

24hrs Volkshotel by Noel Loozen

Why is the edible avocado that is wrapped in so much plastic the same price as the less edible avocado without plastic?

>> Read more: Next to these photos, Noel Loozen made a video compilation of the 24hrs full of complaints. <<


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