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November 26, 2015

Evelien’s tip: Wildernis


Each week our inside volk give their best tips on where to go in Amsterdam. This week Evelien, our assistant manager shares her favourite spot for some green shopping: Wildernis, on the Bilderdijkstraat. Evelien: “I’m really into plants and this shop is like a plant Valhalla!”

IMG_2521_Fotor-776x584In Wildernis you can find anything that has a link to the word ‘green’. This can be everything from earrings inspired by a flower, tools for gardening or a giant plant for in your living room. If you get tired of looking at all the green accesories they are also ready to serve up some good coffee and home made cake.


Wildernis wants to be more than just a concept store, their mission is to make the whole city greener, bit by bit. They think of plants as beautiful, healthy and neccesary for the bees, birds and insects to survive. To help people get involved and started on their own garden projects they offer a wide range of courses and workshops.

What Evelien loves about Wildernis is, that there is so much to look at. Evelien: “You can spend hours in there just walking around and seeing new things all the time and the best thing is that the prices are reasonable.” 

Who’s Evelien?
Evelien (who claims to be 20) is our lovely general assistant manager, she always has something to do, speeding around the hotel and making sure the quality of our rooms stay on point.  


Besides plants, Evelien also loves cats. She doesn’t have one herself because her boyfriend is allergic, so to make up for this she watches a lot of cat-videos. Evelien: “I’m part of this really funny facebookpage named: “Ik kijk liever kattenplaatjes dan de voice of holland”, also I’m saving up to buy a naked cat, so my boyfriend won’t be allergic.”

// Wildernis
Bilderdijkstraat 165F
1053 KP Amsterdam

How to get there from Volkshotel
Take tram 3 towards “Zoutkeetsgracht”, get of at the “Kinkerstraat” and follow the tram by foot for a bit, you will bump into the shop after about 2 minutes.



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