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May 13, 2019

Chalkboard drawing by Gerdien van Halteren


With a piece of chalk (or several), a black wall and no restrictions, we invite creatives to let loose on our lobby chalkboard. This time we asked Amsterdam-based illustrator Gerdien van Halteren, also known as Gary, With bold, abstract lines she focuses on themes like sexuality, feminism and gender.

How did you come up with this design?
‘I wanted to do something that was hotel or hotel room related, for obvious reasons. To me, hotel rooms are like a twilight zone, a place where reality is excluded. I find that fascinating. In a hotel room, you become weird, rebellious and lazy version of yourself. You can let it all go, drink wine in your underwear, have loud sex. That lazy, horny vibe is something I wanted to capture.’

What would you like people to think when they see your chalkboard drawing?
‘I’m in a hotel, I’m not at home. I can give in to my desires a lot more.’

How did you experience working on a large chalkboard?
‘It was fun! The huge contrast between the black & white makes me very happy, visually. And aside from that, I think Werkplaats is such a great place to be and to work. And I had so much space to work on! I’ve been doing more and more bigger jobs this year, you can for example see my large illustrations in Canggu (Bali) and on the TITS store in Amsterdam. So this board is a great addition.’

How would you describe your work?
‘I always work from a certain emotion of theme that I care about, like feminism and sex-positivity. I use thick, rolling lines and bright colours. This adds a cartoonish and abstract feel to my work.’

See more of Gary’s work:

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