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November 9

Steem Fest: Spend your digital currency


Bits and bytes lovers unite. 11-13 November Steem Fest will take over Volkshotel. Steem is a social media platform where anyone can earn rewards and digital currency. During Steem Fest everyone can drop by and spend their hard-earned cryptocurrency at Volkshotel.

Steem blockchain is an alternative for Bitcoins. It’s a virtual cryptocurrency for transactions as well as a place where you can share blogposts. During the three-day Steem Fest there will be workshops, performances and discussion groups throughout the whole city.

Volkshotel will be home to all Steemers. And for once, guests don’t have to pay only in euros. Using a special app, you can also buy a beer or order a burger at Werkplaats using cryptocurrency.

So drop by on 11, 12 or 13 November and bring your digital currency to Werkplaats. Luckily the food and drinks are still analogue.

Steem Fest
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