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January 12

Behind the scenes with Noel Loozen


Shut inside, with no light of day, artist Noël Loozen sat in one of Volkshotel’s work cabins for 24 long hours to listen to all complaints. Volkshotel is a place for everyone, where there’s life 24 hours a day. We’ve asked artists to give their own interpretation of the 24hrs theme. Noël was inspired by the Dutch (‘Volks’) love for complaining and decided to collect them all.

Have a look at a photo report by Tina Farifteh._MG_23498:30 am – Noel and sound designer Jaap building up the mini studio.


9:00 am SHARP – The very first complainer registers to complain.

_MG_240311:02am – Noel checks the first footage. Looking good?

_MG_241011:30 am – More and more complainers gather to register.


01:15 pm – The press is on it.


04:00pm – The press is still on it.


06:05 pm – Time to take a break.


06:10 pm – A short break. No time to loose.


06:30 pm – The youngest complainer ever is waiting for Noel.

_MG_26348:30 pm – Complaining is something of all ages, really.


10:30 pm – Late night complaining.


11:00 pm – Hardcore complaining.


12:02 pm – Maxim has nothing to complain about.


02:15 am – Waiting complainers.


05:00 am – Hold on Noel, hold on.

_MG_2857_106:00 am – Empty bar. In case you were wondering… this photo is NOT staged.


08:30 am – A new dawn starts with the very last complaint.

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